Employability at Kent

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Employability at Kent

We enable you to compete and flourish in a competitive, fast-moving knowledge-based economy.

Work placements and internships

A placement is a great way for you to get a glimpse inside a company, industry, or a particular occupation.

Discover if the career path you have chosen is right for you; hone your 'soft skills' and learn to work well with others; and to enhance your future employment prospects.

Get the skills that employers want

Reaching your potential at Kent goes beyond getting a great degree. We offer an array of opportunities to develop your skills and confidence, setting you up for success.

IT/Numeracy skills

Short courses in computing, languages, business, bookkeeping and learning to drive can help to make you more employable.

Time management skills

Time management skills are valuable in job hunting and other aspects of life: from revising for exams to working in a vacation job.

Team-working skills

All employers are keen to recruit graduates who are able to cooperate, solve problems alongside others, and work in teams.

Communication skills

Effective spoken communication involves expressing your ideas and views clearly, concisely and confidently.

Leadership skills

Leadership involves motivating and directing others, taking responsibility for a team, setting objectives and more.

Decision-making skills

Which career should you choose? Which university should you go to? Which course should you study?

Commercial awareness skills

Develop your interest in business and gain an understanding of the wider environment in which an organisation operates.

Language skills

If you want to brush up your language skills – or learn another language from scratch – where should you start?

Persuading, influencing and negotiating

Learn how to convince others to take appropriate action and discuss and reach a mutually satisfactory agreement.

Problem-solving and analytical skills

We all solve problems on a daily basis: in academic situations, at work and in our day-to-day lives.

Assertiveness and determination

Communicate with others in a clear and direct manner, and learn how to be persistent and determined.

Adaptability skills

Employers actively seek out graduates who can adapt to changing circumstances and embrace new ideas.

Student skills and employability events