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Studying History and Classics at Kent allows you to unearth the secrets of the past. Turn your passions into expertise and kickstart your career.

Why History at Kent?

Explore history.

At Kent you are free to explore all of History, from the Roman Empire to the Cold War, from Medieval England to Nazi Germany. You can study a bit of everything, or specialise and find your niche.

Expanding possibilities.

Humanities graduates are employed in sectors which are amongst the fastest growing, allowing more room for a flexible, exciting and successful career path. Source: The British Academy.

Into the archives.

As a History student at Kent, you will gain access to Canterbury Cathedral's archives and library. Holding a vast collection of historic records from the late 8th century to the modern day.

Leader in the field.

History at Kent was ranked 1st for research quality in The Complete University Guide 2024.

Inspirational teaching.

With 93% of final-year History students satisfied with the quality of teaching on their course in The Guardian University Guide 2024, our academics are not only researchers, but outstanding teachers.

Find what's right for you.

Discover our range of courses across history, classics and archaeology at Kent and study history your way.

  • History

    History - BA (Hons)

    location-sign Canterbury

    Delve into history and discover the impact of political, social and cultural change on class, gender, race, injustice and power throughout hundreds of years of history across the globe, and how this has shaped our world today. 

    From day one you'll be learning from world-leading academics who help to sharpen your skills of analysis, argument and communication. This means when you graduate you are ready to step into a career of limitless opportunities, from education to business, charity to government; you’ll have the talent and insight to build the career you want.

  • History

    Military History - BA (Hons)

    location-sign Canterbury

    Explore Military History throughout the ages and across the globe, from war and conflict to peace and collaboration. You'll discover how conflict has shaped nations, societies and ideology throughout history. Gain a deeper understanding of what drives nations to go to war and people to fight them, understand how technology and propaganda has changed not only warfare, but societies as a whole. 

    Our students launch careers in everything from teaching to business, research to politics. In Military History, you boost your prospects, in areas such as the armed forces, archives, or heritage sector. 

  • Classical and Archaeological Studies

    Ancient History - BA (Hons)

    location-sign Canterbury

    Delve into the ancient world and uncover the cultures, myths, histories and legacies of the civilisations that shaped it. Join world-leading experts, including practising archaeologists and historians. You’ll study history from the shores of Roman Britain to Byzantium, and from Egyptian temples and Near Eastern empires to the Greek city states.  

    At Kent you will develop new skills, and gain valuable experience ready for a wide range of careers, from archaeology to the heritage industry – or further afield - a degree in ancient history from Kent is the first step to wherever you want to go.  

  • Classical and Archaeological Studies

    On this programme you will study the classical world in all areas, develop a 21st-century approach to the fascinating, influential, and controversial civilisations of ancient Greece and Rome, and their connections with Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. You’ll have the opportunity to get hands on – getting involved in fieldwork and uncovering the secrets of your findings in our Archaeology lab. 

    You'll graduate with the talent and insight to build the career you want. Archeology, museums or heritage are typical graduate destinations, but your options are truly limitless. 

  • Classical and Archaeological Studies

    Classical Studies - BA (Hons)

    location-sign Canterbury

    From day one you will be exploring new perspectives on topics such as migration, gender, identity, and religion in the ancient world. You will delve into classical cultures and build an understanding of them as living traditions to discover how they continue to shape our world. You also have the option to study an ancient language, or take an internship in the heritage or museum sector to kickstart a career in these industries. 

    Our broad remit at Kent means you are free to turn your passions into expertise and make both your degree, and your career, you own.  

  • Classical and Archaeological Studies

    Study the civilisations that fascinate you, develop new skills, and gain valuable experience ready for a wide range of careers from archaeology to the heritage industry.

    Join world-leading experts, including practising archaeologists and historians, to study History in all its breadth, from ancient civilisations such as the Minoan and Mycenean period to the present day. You'll take a broad approach to the past, from ancient mythology and the world of predynastic Egypt to the Crusades and the age of Nazi propaganda.

Fantastic facilities

Archaeology Lab

Our Archaeology Lab is home to state-of-the-art equipment for geophysics, laser scanning and dating. You'll analyse ancient materials and develop technical expertise, so you can explore history while boosting your prospects for the future.  

Surrounded by history

From Caesar’s first landing to the battle of Britain, Canterbury has been through it all. Boasting 3 UNESCO world heritage sites, there is no better place to study History.