Higher and degree level apprenticeships

Higher and degree level apprenticeships

Higher and degree apprenticeships are a partnership between the University and you, the employer. You employ the apprentice, pairing them with experienced staff so they learn relevant skills. We work with you to develop tailored programmes, equipping apprentices with the theoretical and practical knowledge most useful to your organisation.

How do I benefit?

As an employer:

  • Fill your skills gap
    • Unlock the talent that already exists in your organisation or take on a new staff member with relevant skills
  • Increase productivity
    • Investment in an apprenticeship provides motivation
  • Attract new talent
    • A study/work package will bring forward enthusiastic applicants
  • Added value
    • Utilise government funding available to you specifically for apprenticeships
  • Progression
    • Get new energy and fresh insight from looking outwards
  • Experienced support within a leading University
    • Our team specialise in a range of support from funding advice, screening and recruitment to workplace monitoring and end of assessment processing. The Centre for Degree and Higher Apprenticeships are an in-house dedicated award winning team ready to support you every step of the way

As an apprentice:

  • Gain a relevant qualification
    • Our academic programmes give you and the employer the required skills and qualifications
  • Fast track your career
    • You gain a qualification whilst employed in a real job giving you a salary and the experience to excel
  • Cost free qualification
    • Your education will be paid by the government and your employer leaving you without debt
  • Support from an employer
    • The employer will be investing in you giving by you a plan for your future which adds value to your career and their workforce

The apprenticeship levy

Since May 2017, larger employers have been required by the government to contribute to an apprenticeship training levy, with the government topping up funds by 10%.  And, for smaller employers, the government pays up to 100% (if not then typically 90%) of apprenticeship training costs.

Experienced provider

The University of Kent has worked in partnership with leading employers to deliver apprenticeships since 2011.

We have initially worked with global companies such as GSK, Pfizer and AstraZeneca to train their life sciences and chemical science professionals. We are now working with a mixture of SMEs and large companies. We are now working with a mixture of SMEs and large companies from a range of areas – business and administration, construction, engineering and manufacturing, health and science.

The launch of the Centre for Higher and Degree Apprenticeships in 2016 means we can offer a wider range of apprenticeships to meet employers’ organisational needs.

Get in touch

We can help and advise you every step of the way, from an initial discussion about your needs through to quality assurance and fully managed apprenticeships.

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