Dr Jessica Bodgener

PhD Student
Dr Jessica Bodgener


Dr Jess Bodgener is a veterinarian interested in wild carnivore health and how this can impact on conservation aims.

She qualified from the University of Glasgow in 2008 and spent several years in general practice before undertaking an MSc in Wild Animal Health at the Royal Veterinary College in 2014. Since then, she has been involved in a variety of research projects, many of which have centred around the issue of canine distemper virus and its potential impact on wild tiger populations.

Her doctoral thesis will focus on the health of leopards captured in response to human-leopard conflict in Nepal and how a better understanding of this might be used to inform management decisions and identify potential mitigation strategies.

Elsewhere she is a member of Wildlife Vets International’s Conservation Working Group, contributes to the Wild Tiger Health Project and is a Veterinary Advisor to the working group for the Kazakhstan Tiger Re-introduction Program.

In 2021 she founded “Stories of Survival”, an international wildlife photography competition whose proceeds are donated to support wildlife conservation.     

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