Do you have a favourite photo from your time at university?

We’d love to see it! 

Boat race 2008 team photo

We’ve been putting together a collection of favourite memories of everyone’s time at Kent and putting them on our Alumni website. And we need your help. What’s more - we’ve made it really easy. You can use the form below to upload your favourite pic (or pics) – and tell us who you are and when you were here. You can send lots if you like. We will try and put as many of them as possible on the website - so that everyone can share in your memories of Kent.

We’ll even give prizes for our favourites. We’ve got 10 University of Kent souvenir mugs to give away.  

It might be you and your mates in Woody's or the Deep End. That night in Eliot or the Venue! A club, a society, an event – or just you and your best friends for life relaxing under a tree on the slopes overlooking the city. Send them in and we will put as many online as we can.

And we also want you to spread the word. Not everyone still uses the same email address as they did when they were at Kent or even from a few years ago. So please pass the link on to everyone you are still in contact with so they can upload the pictures and join in the fun.  

You can see the pictures we already have online. Hopefully yours will be joining them soon.

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