The 2008 Research Assessment Exercise assessed 95% of mathematics research at SMSAS as being of International Quality or above. From internationally renowned researchers to up and coming research stars, we all have a strong commitment to student achievement and to developing students' creativity.

Our postgraduate programmes offer graduates the opportunity to further enhance their knowledge, creativity and computational skills in core mathematical subjects and their applications.



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A small (random) selection of the Mathematics group are shown below. The current group includes 4 Professors, 1 Reader, 5 Senior Lecturers and 9 Lecturers as well as a number of Emeritus and Honorary staff. We currently have 7 Research Associates/Fellows and 15 PhD students at various stages of progression.

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  • Mark Roelands
    Mark Roelands
    PhD student in Mathematics
    Room: RA15 (Rutherford Annexe)
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  • Lucy Barnes
    Lucy Barnes
    PhD student in Mathematics
    Room: RA106 (Rutherford Annexe) Lucy is currently away ...
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  • Rowena Paget
    Dr Rowena Paget
    Lecturer in Pure Mathematics
    Room: RA116 (Rutherford Annexe) Modules taught: MA576: G...
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  • Iulia Cimpan
    Iulia Cimpan
    PhD student in Applied Math...
    Room: RA03 (Rutherford Annexe)
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  • Chloe Ward
    Chloe Ward
    Temporary Lecturer in Mathe...
    Room: RA13 (Rutherford Annexe) Modules taught: MA024: A...
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  • Steffen Krusch
    Dr Steffen Krusch
    Lecturer in Applied Mathema...
    Room: RA103 (Rutherford Annexe) Modules taught: ...
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  • Constanze Roitzheim
    Dr Constanze Roitzheim
    Lecturer in Mathematics
    Room: E114 Modules taught: MA553: Linear...
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  • Stéphane Launois
    Dr Stéphane Launois
    Reader in Pure Mathematics,...
    Room: RA126 (Rutherford Annexe) Modules taught: ...
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  • Jing Ping Wang
    Dr Jing Ping Wang
    Reader in Applied Mathematics
    Room: E226 Modules taught: MA555: Se...
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  • Karel Casteels
    Dr Karel Casteels
    Marie Curie Research Fellow
    Room: RA11 (Rutherford Annexe) Modules taught: ...
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