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Dr Julia Tanney

Reader in Philosophy of Mind


Office: CGA, Room N.03a


Julia Tanney works on the philosophy of Gilbert Ryle and the later Wittgenstein, and has written numerous articles on the philosophy of mind, focusing especially on reason explanation, normativity, rule-following, and self-knowledge.

Dr Tanney was educated at UCLA where she studied with David Pears and Philippa Foot, and at the University of Michigan where she wrote her PhD dissertation under the supervision of Crispin Wright, Allan Gibbard, and David Velleman. She has taught Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations for over 15 years, in the UK as well as in France, where she has held visiting and guest professorships at the Université de Picardie (Amiens) and the Université de Paris-IV (Sorbonne). She is presently working with her students on a project that brings her Wittgenstein course to the virtual environment of Second Life.

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Book section
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Internet publication
Tanney, J. (2009). Gilbert Ryle [Encyclopedia Entry for Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy ].
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Julia Tanney teaches modules on Wittgenstein and on the philosophy of cognitive science and AI.

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