Workshop: Play, Confidence and Creativity - and a chance to receive a £5 Amazon voucher!

Would you like to develop some more confidence to share ideas in public? This pilot workshop uses play activities and groupwork to encourage your creativity and help you feel more comfortable to express yourself in front of others.

This workshop was originally created as part of a study led by Dr Dieter Declercq (School of Arts) and Dr Ambrose Gillick (School of Architecture, Design and Planning), who have run PlaySpace workshops in communities, schools, and companies. 

The concept of PlaySpace is to provide a safe environment in which play and imagination might help to improve social connection.

Transferred to the academic environment, SLAS, in association with Dieter and Ambrose, would like to run a pilot workshop to explore the effectiveness of the PlaySpace approach in alleviating common challenges associated with giving presentations, speaking out in seminar discussions or even asking questions in a lecture. During the workshop, we will build imaginative storyworlds, come up with original characters and act out inventive scenarios. 

As this is a pilot, at the end of each workshop, we will be seeking your feedback: your impressions of the experience; if you think it could help in addressing general challenges to social connection; how you think it might be adapted to achieve this more effectively. As an incentive, we will be offering £5 Amazon vouchers to those willing to participate and to provide feedback. 

Spaces on each of the three workshops (you can attend one or several) is limited to 12 places. 

Would you like to find out more? If so, just reach out to for further information. At the very least, it’s a great way to meet new people and be creative together!

Booking details

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15th February