Giveaways to stay safe on nights out & learn about Report + Support

Come and grab some freebies to help you stay safe such as torches, gadgets to prevent drink spiking, condoms and more! Meet your specialist wellbeing advisers to talk through questions or concerns, or find out more about reporting issues.

Specialist wellbeing advisers, based in the Student Support and Wellbeing team, are expert professionals who help students who have experienced or witnessed sexual assault, harassment, bullying, hate incidents or discrimination. They are also there to help raise awareness of sex positive campaigns, safety measures and mobilise others to take action to ensure our University campus and community is as safe and welcoming as it can be.

Come along to chat to them, find out more about Report + Support, the University's online anonymous reporting tool, and grab some freebies to keep you and your friends safe and enjoying social life at Uni!

Booking details

No booking needed - drop into Drill hall at any time between 10 and 12!