Parking enforcement

The University of Kent manages parking enforcement under the British Parking Association guidelines and is a member of the Approved Operator Scheme.  All drivers are notified by use of signs, when entering University land that it is private property and no part of it is dedicated as a public highway or for public use.  Any use of University land is by licence of the University of Kent and such licence may be revoked at any time.  Signage across the University also notifies drivers that the University of Kent Regulations for the Management of Traffic apply at all times.

Parking Charge Notice

The driver of vehicles that are found to be in breach of the University of Kent Regulations for the Management of Traffic may be issued with a Parking Charge Notice (PCN). Parking breaches are listed below. Additional appropriate action may also be taken where deemed necessary in accordance with the regulations. The PCN is £70 which is reduced to £35 if paid within 14 days.

How to view photos or pay Parking Charge Notice

Pay a PCN or view the photos by entering your vehicle registation and PCN number.

How to appeal your Parking Charge Notice

If you believe your Parking Charge Notice has been issued incorrectly or unfairly, you can appeal your PCN to the University’s Parking Panel. Appeal your PCN by entering your vehicle registration and PCN number and then selecting "Contact us". Submit your appeal along with any supporting evidence. The Parking Panel will then meet and decide whether the Parking Charge Notice should be waived or upheld. We will contact you to let you know the decision.

The University’s Parking Panel is made up of the Head of Traffic Management and Travel, Head of Security, an elected member of Kent Union, a College Master and a representative from Medway management.

What happens if I do not pay my Parking Charge Notice?

Parking Charge Notices received from 01/09/2020 that remain unpaid may have debt recovery action taken, if this recovery action is required further charges may be added.

If a Parking Charge Notice is received and remains unpaid after 28 days, we may go to the DVLA under the Protection of Freedom Act (POFA) to request the registered keeper's details. We will then contact the registered keeper. If the PCN continues to remain unpaid further debt recovery action may be taken and furtehr charges may be added.

Parking breaches


Parking breach
No. of warnings before PCN issued
1 Failure to register the vehicle or clearly display a valid University of Kent permit 
2 Parked in an area which the vehicle is not registered to do so. 
3 Parked without clearly displaying a visitor P&D ticket or having a valid cashless event 
4 Parked after the expiry of paid for time in visitor P&D car park
5 Parked causing an obstruction
6 Parked in an area not designed for that class of vehicle
7 Parked in a reserved parking bay or area when not entitled to do so
8 Parked in an accessible bay without being registered to do so or clearly displaying a Blue Badge
9 Not parked correctly within the markings of a bay or space
10 Parked within a loading bay for more than 20 minutes when no permission has been granted for an extension
11 Parked within a restricted area when not entitled to do so
12 Parking in a visitor car park when not entitled to do so
13 Parked for longer than the maximum period permitted 15 minute bay
14 Parked for longer than the maximum period permitted 30 minute bay 
15 Not parked within a marked bay or parking space 
16 Parked in a car park or road when closed




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