Feedback & Complaints


If you have feedback or advice about a travel provider’s service, advice on how we can improve our service or maybe support with advice about your journey please email the and write in the heading the word ‘Feedback’. 


Our definition of a complaint is something about the quality of the service provided by an organisation, its processes and/or the behaviour of its staff.

Our complaints policies are an opportunity for customers to tell us when we might have fallen short of expectation, and how we can put things right. The Transport Team receive, evaluate, make, and record its decisions on complaints in a non-discriminatory manner.

How to Make a Complaint

To help ensure you get the response you need, please follow the most relevant policy or process listed below:

Customers who wish to make a complaint must do so in writing. This is to ensure we know exactly what the nature of the complaint is and this reduces the possibility of ambiguity or of the customer’s complaint not being correctly recorded over the telephone. The complaint will then be registered onto our system and a unique reference code generated.

To ensure you receive a full response to your complaint, please ensure you provide as much detail as possible including time, date, locations, and details of what happened to cause your complaint. 

We will:

· Greet our customers in a courteous and professional manner and maintain this manner at each point contact is made;

· Be well informed so we can help our customers;

· Be positive and constructive; 

· Listen effectively to our customers’ requests and promptly take the necessary actions to assist them; 

· Keep our customers informed of unexpected delays in service which may affect their request; 

· Inform our customers of normal process times in accordance with our Service Level Statements; 

· Provide regular updates on where we are in the process when a customer’s request is unable to be processed within the allocated timeframe; 

· Respond to email enquiries ensuring the customer is informed about what actions are being taken; 

· Give our customers a positive experience whenever we are contacted.

If however, you feel that we have not adhered to this; then please do contact the Customer Service Team, in accordance with the Customer Service Policy

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