College and Community Life

College and Community Life

Welcome to your College at the University of Kent. Your College is your community, an inclusive place for you to connect with other students throughout your studies and in the future as valued alumni.

What are we here for?

Your College Life and Community Life Officers are here to support you, offer advice and refer you to other specialist services, whether you are living on- or off-campus or studying remotely. 

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Our aims:

  • To help you engage fully in the university experience by highlighting the opportunities available within the local and wider community here in Kent. 
  •  To create an inclusive and diverse community, one that is open and accessible to all students.  We do not tolerate discrimination, harassment or bullying toward any group or individual, and you can bring any concerns to us in confidence. 
  • To connect you with other students in your College community through activities, events, initiatives and schemes, working with your College Committee and Residential Life Assistants. 

  • To offer confidential advice and help for any welfare or personal issues, through informal, friendly advice or as a first point of contact directing you to other specialist services on the campuses if needed.
  • To support you in your transition to independent living at university. We offer support to resolve minor disputes within households through informal dispute resolution, and can guide you carefully toward more formal referrals and specialist advice when needed.  

What other Student Services are there?

College and Community Life is a team within Student Services, which also includes Student Support and Wellbeing; Student Conduct and Complaints; Chaplaincy; Student Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity; and the Careers and Employability Service.

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