Car Share Scheme Guidelines

The aim of the scheme is to encourage car sharing. Please ensure that you read the car share scheme conditions below in conjunction with the University Traffic Regulations.

Car sharers can be found on LiftShare. Register today at Once you have found a car share group for your journey, you will need to complete an online application following the guidelines below to get your permit.

Conditions and Process

  1. All members of the car share team (max 5) will need to fill in one car share application form with their details.
  2. A car share team must have at least 2 vehicles to qualify.
  3. A car share permit will be offered to each person who is registered with that permit. In addition a car share barrier card will be issued for the members to share if they are Medway staff.
  4. The parking administration team will pass on the details of the car share team to the Head of Traffic Management and Travel.
  5. Only one vehicle in the car share team will be permitted on campus at any one time. This means that there shouldn’t be two or more cars from this team on campus at any one time unless there are extenuating circumstances (see point 6).
  6. If a member of the car share team occasionally needs to bring an additional registered car to the University, then they must obtain an Occasional User Permit (OUP) from the Security and Transport Centre for that day. A car share team can have up to 25 free OUPs per transport year (1 OUP is equal to 1 day). If more OUPs are required this must be agreed with the Transport Team.
  7. If a member of a car share team leaves the University then it is the responsibility of that person to inform the Transport Team that they are leaving. This means that if there is only one person left in the car share team, the car share permit would be revoked and the remaining car share member would be required to purchase a different permit to park. The appropriate monthly salary deductions will be made accordingly.
  8. If the car share team decides that they do not wish to continue to car share then they must inform the Transport Team. Your reasons for stopping would be beneficial for the monitoring of the scheme.

Contact details
Transport Team, Security and Transport Centre

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