Short courses - Tonbridge Centre

Our inspiring short courses allow you to spend time exploring a subject purely for interest among like-minded people and without formal assessment. It's also an ideal way to gain the confidence to join one of our part-time degree-level programmes. The short course programme is open to all and the courses do not require prior knowledge of the subject.

Our current programme is shown below. Please email if you would like to be included in future programme mailouts (we do not pass on your details to anyone else and you can unsubscribe at any time).

Art History

Modern art

What makes art great and who decides? Would you like to 'understand' art and gain the confidence to critique art works?

Our short courses introduce you to the visual, critical and professional skills used by art historians in describing and analysing art.


Creative Writing

Person using a fountain pen

Creative writing covers a broad range of writing styles, from all forms of prose and poetry to screenwriting, short stories and experimental writing.

Whatever influences you and your writing, our short courses encourage you to take control of your work and write exciting, contemporary material.



Illustration of a war scene

Any study of history engages a natural human curiosity about the past.

Our courses explore the role of war in history, specific periods and people in history.



Shelves full of colourful books

Our short courses' programme includes all periods of literature from Chaucer to the Contemporary.

Make connections between cultures, genres and historical moments and, in the process, ask searching contemporary questions.



Classical violinists preparing for a concert

Are you interested in how classical music is created, its cultural relevance or the technical aspects of its composition?

Our short courses allow you to explore musical genres, influential classical musicians or specific compositions from history, examining why they were written and their relevance today.



Scrabble letters laid out to spell the word 'explore'

Our growing range of self-development courses offer opportunities to discover your abilities and potential.

These courses are suitable for students interested in exploring their personal growth, creative expression and life management.


Student on a short course at Medway