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Our Short Course Programme allows you to spend time exploring a subject purely for interest among like-minded people, without formal assessment as well as offering an ideal starting point in gaining the confidence to join one of our part-time degree-level programmes.

The Summer 2016 programme of study mornings/days and short courses of up to 4 weeks are shown below as an example of our programmes. The autumn programme offers a much greater selection of courses and will be available from early August. . Online booking is available, or you may download the paper version of the programme and post your application to us. Alternatively, just download and print the application form and post it to us. Please also refer to the University of Kent Tonbridge Centre's general information and terms & conditions.

Our summer programme tends to be more limited than the programmes offered in the autumn and spring terms; we encourage you to contact us if you have requests for other subjects or if the the subject interests you but the days/times are unsuitable. Please also contact us if you would like to register your postal and email addresses to receive our mailings.


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An introduction to Modern Art
Katia Mai   PhD
Study morning                                                                  
Saturday 11 June   10am - 1pm
Course code: 15TON229            Course fee: £21

Why photography matters – photography and fine art
Katia Mai PhD   
Study Day                                 
Saturday 23 April                         10am - 4pm
Course code: 15TON223          Course fee: £35


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Get published
Sarah Salway MA
Study Day: 10am – 4pm
(B) Saturday 23 April                                      
Course code: 15TON203 (B)                   Course fee: £40

Keep going with your writing project
Clare Best MA
Study Day                                  Saturday 7 May from 10am4pm        
Course code: 15TON187            Course fee: £40 


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New York and the Movies
Katerina Flint-Nicol MA
Study Day                                 10am – 4pm                    
We regret that this course has been postponed and will be offered in the autumn. Please register your interest by email to if you are new to us               
Course code: 15TON208      Course fee: £35


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The history of science (up to 20th century)
Jeremy Kimmel BA PgDip
Study Morning                                    
Saturday 7 May                           10am – 1pm
Course code: 15TON218         Course fee: £21


Early Modern women: ordinary women in extraordinary times
Julia Cruse PhD
4 weeks                                     7, 14, 21, 28 June              
Tuesdays                                  10.30am -12.30pm 
Course code: 15TON230      Course fee: £52



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The life and works of Beatrix Potter
Sarah Anthony MA
Study day                                 
6 July                                         10am – 4pm
Course code: 15TON231     Course fee: £35

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Much Ado About Shakespeare – life, times & theatre
Geoff Doel PhD
4 weeks                                     23, 30 June; 7, 14 July
Thursdays                                   11am – 1pm
Course code: 15TON232       Course fee: £52

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How to listen to Classical Music of the 20th Century
Peter Medhurst GRSM ARCM
Study Day                                           
Saturday 11 June                        10am – 4pm
Course code: 15TON233         Course fee: £35



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Anti-Heroes: outlaws, pirates, highwaymen & smugglers
Geoff Doel PhD
Study day             
Wednesday 15 June                    10.30am - 4.30pm
Course code: 15TON234            Course fee: £35


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