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Self-development courses

We aim to broaden our range of self-development courses which offer opportunities to discover your abilities and potential.

For the Autumn term 2017 we are pleased to offer a continuation of the very successful Writing for Wellbeing course which will be of interest to new and continuing students who are inspired to use their journal for personal growth, creative expression and life management.

We are also pleased to include a Psychology course in our new postgraduate-level taster programme.

More Writing for wellbeing

Based on the acclaimed Journal to the Self © workshop, created by Kathleen Adams, this course will support personal growth, creativity and life management skills through different journal writing techniques. Previous students have used it for situations as varied as gaining confidence in workplace writing, exploring personal challenges, or reigniting creativity.

Full details and to book online.

Applying Psychology in the 21st-century Workplace and Beyond

The world and increasingly, the workplace, revolves around people. This interactive course examines the role that psychology plays in today’s workplace, covering group behaviour and decision-making, selection and assessment, employee well-being and diversity and inclusion.

For full details, see the Psychology course page.

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