Who is it for?

The Associate Fellowship Scheme (AFS) is for Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) in receipt of a VC Scholarship.

How long does it take?

The AFS is a one year part-time course.

AFS - What does it involve?

There are two routes: one for people who are teaching and one for people whose role involves supporting academic provision.

  • Route (i) Associate Fellowship Scheme: Teaching route. This is the route for you if you are engaged in direct teaching, for example leading seminars where you have some responsibility for what and how you teach
  • Route (ii) Associate Fellowship Scheme: Learning Support route. This is the route for you if your role involves supporting academic provision. Examples include learning technologists, learning developers and learning resource/library staff, or staff who undertake marking roles that incorporate some or no teaching-related responsibilities

It is a programme requirement that everyone is observed twice, once by your AFS peer and once by your School mentor.

Application Process

Please contact heprogsadmin@kent.ac.uk for details on how to apply

Please be aware we have a large number of applications due to the increase in staff and GTA scholarships, and therefore have limited places, so please contact as soon as possible.

If you feel that you have sufficient previous Higher Education teaching experience, or have taken courses or qualifications which may exempt you from elements of the PGCHE, please review the APCL/APEL policyYou can apply for exemption for up to 50% of the modules.  For further details of all our modules, please click here.  

If you need initial advice on the kind of detail to include in your claim, please contact Edd Pitt (e.pitt@kent.ac.uk)

We will be in contact with all applicants in August (September cohort) and December (January cohort), informing applicants if they have a place for the next iteration. If they do not have a place we will give alternative options. For those allocated a place, we will give further details of the programme.

If you have any further questions regarding the application process or the programmes themselves, please contact the Programme Administrator (heprogsadmin@kent.ac.uk).


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