Team Kent: Hockey

Team Kent: Hockey

The sun beat down onto the pavilion. The players took to the pitch to fight for their title as Varsity winners. Hockey sticks clattered against hockey balls and the crowds only grew as the minutes flicked closer to game time. The second Kent hockey team felt at home on their own pitch, and their opponents joined them to a scatter of cheers and boos.

The first goal came quickly. 

Number 7, Arthur Gunn, flicked the ball past the keeper and into the net, causing an eruption of cheers from his supporters! A short corner came next, and the tension was heightened by the Countdown theme tune being blasted by a speaker at the other side of the pitch. Team Christ Church put up a strong defence which Max Harper (Number 90) was unable to breakthrough, but he quickly redeemed himself by scoring the second Kent goal. By half time, the score stood at 2-0 to Kent.

The second half resumed.

One player fell over chasing a chance to score, and one fell into the legs of another. In a show of sportsmanship, a Christ Church player held out his hand and lifted up a Kent player. The game carried on around them and Temi Fashina made an unlikely goal, securing the score at a comfortable 3-0. Taking one step closer to a hat trick, Max Harper made his second goal of the game and brought the Kent score up to 4.

The rest of the game happened in quick succession, with cheers following the referee catching the ball and player 90 refusing to leave the pitch in determined pursuit of a hattrick. Thankfully, he was justified as he completed his third goal with a successful short corner against a steely defence and the game ended with a triumphant 5-0 to Team Kent.


The speaker blasted We Are the Champions as the players rushed to the barriers to embrace their supporters. After shaking hands with their opponents, they took their crowning picture with the We Are Varsity Winners sign.