Net gains

Net gains.

I’m a third-year history student who is having the best uni experience at Kent.

I’ve got to know the University pretty well during my time here as I spend a lot of time on campus. If you like green spaces – fields, gardens and woods – you’ll instantly feel settled here. It’s really beautiful in all seasons.

Our community sits high above the city, with great views overlooking Canterbury below. It’s just a short walk down the hill to get to the shops too.

It’s definitely the lovely campus environment and Kent’s fresh approach to teaching that made my choice so easy three years ago. I have no doubt that you’ll love it here as much as I do!

Making new pals

Making friends is probably a worry you have about starting uni – it certainly was for me! But in a welcoming and exciting community like ours, you’ll make friends at every turn.

Whether it’s dancing to the 80s tunes at the on-campus club, The Venue; competing at the weekly quiz night at Woody’s Bar; trying something new at my favourite place, the sports centre; or simply ordering a pizza to get to know your new housemates, you’ll soon settle in. 

And once teaching starts, meeting people is as easy as picking a seat and chatting about the readings you have (or haven’t) done!

“I walked into the sports centre alone on a September night and left with some best friends and a sport I loved.”

Jade Todd, History and avid badminton player

Getting involved

If you ask me, joining a society is the key to future memories and friends. They’re one of the best ways to continue with an existing interest or find a new one. And with over 250 societies on offer, there really is something for everyone at Kent. 

You could join a sports team and train to represent the University competitively or play for fun and dance to ‘I Want to Dance with Somebody’, and miss the shuttlecock for the fourth consecutive time, like me! 

It can be daunting trying something new, but don’t fret! All it takes is a “Hello!” and you’ll have one more friend than you did before you walked through the door.

Doing it your way

Your ambitions are encouraged at Kent by staff who are genuinely excited to guide you. No idea is too big or different, just something new to explore. 

Personally, I enjoy analysing popular culture and media, which I appreciate isn’t a traditional approach to a history degree. But at Kent, I am given the freedom to explore Barbies and superheroes as well as revolutions and charters! In fact, my dissertation is about Captain America.

Kent’s staff strike the perfect balance between academic freedom and guidance, and they support you as you build your degree in a way that serves you best.