Immersive Reader for Microsoft 365

Improve the readibility of documents


Immersive reader is part of Microsoft apps such as Teams, Edge, Word etc. 

Its features help you read documents in a way that can improve your reading speed and comprehension:

  • alter font size and style: alter spacing of words and sentences
  • change background colours
  • listen to text read aloud while reading: customise the voice and playback speed
  • highlight each word as it's spoken: this helps with reading speed and comprehension
  • turn on and customise a reading ruler
  • view text in other languages: toggle between English and another language
  • identify nouns, verbs and adjectives and see dictionary definitions.

It really does have features that can benefit everyone.

Tips for using this tool at Kent

When viewing a document in Teams: click View in the top menu to see the Immersive Reader link.

When viewing a document in OneDrive: click the ellipsis (...) Open > Open with Immersive Reader

When using Word online (in a web browser): click View in the top menu to see the Immersive Reader link.

Help & how to get started


Immersive reader is free to use through your '' email account. As it is a web app you don't need to install anything. 

Terms of use, copyright and licensing

Office 365 can be used for personal and professional use as long as you're a member of the University