Research excellence at the University of Kent

Politics and International Studies (UOA 21)

Kent submitted to this REF unit of assessment research undertaken by the School of Politics and International Relations in the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Key highlights

Politics and international relations was ranked 15th for research power and in the top 20 for research impact in the UK.

  • 96% of the research submitted was judged to be of international quality.
  • The School’s environment was judged to be conducive to supporting the development of research of international excellence.


Overall quality profile

You can find more about the REF, its assessment critera and marking scheme on our What is the REF? page.

% 4* % 3* % 2* % 1* % u/c FTE
16 47 33 4 0 30.75


Sub-profiles % 4* % 3* % 2* % 1* % u/c
Outputs 17.7 40.6


5.4 0
Impact 40 60 0 0 0
Environment 0 62.5 37.5 0 0



The following are summaries of the impact case studies submitted to demonstrate Kent research making a difference.


Conflict resolution

Feargal Cochrane, Hugh Miall, Florian Bieber, Elise Féron, Neophytos Loizides

Kent’s research on conflict resolution has been used to enhance professional training in the field and improve democratic participation in conflict-ridden societies. Miall’s research, produced in partnership with Bradford academics, created a framework for conflict resolution that is one of the most widely referred to in the field.
Missing women

Asia’s missing women

School of Politics and International Relations: Dr Andrea den Boers

Gender imbalances can destabilise societies argues Andrea den Boer’s pioneering research. She demonstrated that a lack of females in society, due to sex-selective practices, could lead to lower prospects for peace, democracy and international security.

Redition project

Opposing rendition

School of Politics and International Relations: Dr Ruth Blakeley

Ruth Blakeley’s research provided detailed evidence of a global system of rendition (illegal prisoner transfers), secret detention and torture. Working with Sam Raphael from Kingston University and Reprieve, a legal action charity, the Rendition Project collated a huge amount of open-source data.

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