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Research and Innovation Services

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The newly integrated Research and Innovation Services (RIS) department is placed to work closely with the Divisional R&I teams.  The department is formed of ‘Knowledge Exchange and Innovation’, ‘Research Policy and Support’ and ‘RIS Operations’ to ensure that guidance, expert advice and comprehensive support is delivered throughout the research and innovation lifecycle.  

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Research in Action

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the University of Kent has provided support to the people who need it most.

Coronavirus - Kent in Action

Understanding Covid | University of Kent

Research at Kent

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Counting Butterflies

Over the past four decades about three-quarters of UK butterfly species have declined in either their abundance or distribution.

Improving the Science of Making Babies

In-vitro fertilization is a technique used to assist people who would be unable to conceive naturally, or to single or same sex couples.

Global Challenges Doctoral Centre

The Global Challenges Doctoral Centre (GCDC) is dedicated to identifying solutions to glabal challenges through research.