What and Why

To support student success, KentVision is a complete administrative solution to underpin staff activity for the full student lifecycle. Below are the areas the delivery team are working to enrich.

Strand Descriptions

Strand Description
Academic Model (ACM) The KentVision system representation of the structure of our portfolio to include Course Structures
Attendance & Absence Monitoring (ATM)

From production of attendance sheets to recording attendance, attendance maintenance and correction. Also enabling staff and students to access student attendance data and support for related reporting requirements.

Board of Examiners Assessment, Progression & Awards (BOE, PAA & MAR) Supporting the official recommendation process required for progression and awards of the University's students, including concession management eg  from the production of reports to support the Boards, to electronic management of the Boards recommendations and the final reporting outcomes of the Boards, including pass and fail lists.
Functionality across the student lifecycle to ensure accurate recording and calculation of marks and generation of progression and award decisions according to the institutions regulations.
Communications with Students (CWS)

Easy and traceable communications within eVision, via email, text or letter, whether reaching out to a single student or a cohort of students. All saved in the student record giving a complete audit trail.


Identification of potential graduands and their allocation to graduation ceremonies.

Enrolment & Registration (ENR)

Functionality for the transition of applicants to fully registered students to include re-registration.

External Reporting (EXR) Support for the transformation of date to enable the production of statutory returns eg HESA
Finance Invoicing functionality and passing all information into Agresso for accounting, income monitoring and credit management purposes while ensuring that all auditing, SORP and reporting standards are adhered to. 
General Reporting (GRP) Design, build and implementation of a suite of operational reports to support business processes throughout the Student Life Cycle.
In Course Student Management (ICSM) This is the core student record, where the Academic Model interacts with students e.g. college allocation and student documentation, student adminstration notes, academic adviser allocation, course transfer, intermission and rollover and placements.
Module Diets & Online Module Registration (OMR, MOD) Module Diets describe the compulsory and optional module offering for each course within a specific academic year. This granular level of detail for modules, assessments and results enables timetabling, student assessment management & online module registration process
Post Graduate Research Management (PGR) Progression Monitoring, Thesis Submission/Examination and all things Postgraduate Research Student Lifecycle.
Reference Data Management  Defining and implementing a reference data management strategy to enable the collection, building, validation and ongoing management of master reference data within the KentVision System.
Scholarships and Bursaries (SAB) Administration of scholarships and bursaries through application, assessment, awarding, payment and reporting with increased online visibility and faster, in some cases automated notifications. 
Student Immigration Compliance (UKVI) Ensuring the University is visa compliant and managing its duties as a tier 4 sponsor, including recording accurate and up to date passport and visa documentation for all overseas students. 
Student Support (SUP) Recording of student disability details and their Inclusive Learning Plans (ILP's)
Timetabling and events (TTE) Clear communication of personalised timetable events, including teaching, non-teaching and skills workshops using Kent Vision timetable views.
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