About KentVision

KentVision is a business change programme prioritising student experience and student lifecycle administration.

We will support improvement in these areas by working with staff and students to refine our business processes alongside implementation of a new student management system, the Tribal SITS product.

Refined processes and the new student management system will be implemented across enrolment to congregations and integrated with admissions, meaning a complete administrative solution throughout the student lifecycle.

And the student data system (SDS) will be decommissioned.

To achieve that, KentVision will include ...

  • All UG, PGT & PGR programmes that are delivered across the student lifecycle
  • Replacement of the SDS scope within the first tranche of the implementation and archiving 'completed' students
  • All required integration and interfaces with other institutional systems
  • All statutory, management and operational reporting
  • Migration of 'current students' to the new system

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