Kent Business School event to examine the benefits of curiosity

The benefits of curiosity to businesses and how to nurture it will be discussed at the next Business Soundbites event run by KBS that will be hosted at the Turner Contemporary in Margate on Wednesday 11 July.

The event will begin at 17.00 with the chance for an exclusive gallery viewing of the Turner Contemporary’s current exhibition Animals and Us.

The benefits of curiosity to business is a topic often-overlooked but it can be vital to ensuring new ideas are created and shared. However, this also requires an environment where curiosity and new ideas are not only encouraged but can be shared and acted upon.

Guests will hear talks from Dr Sideeq Mohammed, Lecturer in HR management and Organisational Behaviour from KBS discussing if a ‘workplace democracy’ can ever be achieved and how to avoid ‘micro-fascism’. Then Adam Papaphilipopoulos, the Director of think tank Reluctantly Brave, will discuss the ‘costs’ to business of curiosity and, crucially, its returns.

After this there will be breakout sessions around the gallery for guests to share ideas on promoting curiosity in the workplace before splitting into networking with free wine and canapes.

The Business Soundbite: The Curiosity Cost event is free to attend but those wishing to do so are asked to register online: Register online.