Carole Barron appointed President of Invicta Chamber

Press Office

Carole Barron, Director of Innovation and Enterprise (KIE) at Kent, has been elected President of Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce.

She will become the first female President of the Chamber since its inception in 1900. Currently she is a director of the Chamber and chair of its Canterbury and District Economic Development Group.

The Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce has a reputation for being one of the most proactive and successful Accredited Chambers in the South East. It covers the whole of Kent and Medway supporting businesses across the county and plays an active role in the South East Local Enterprise Partnership representing local business needs.

Carole Barron was also recently accepted as a Fellow of the Higher Education Leadership Foundation. In addition, she is Chair of AURIL (the Association for Research and Industry Links), the professional association representing all practitioners involved in knowledge creation, development and exchange in the UK and Ireland who work to ensure that new ideas, technologies and innovations flow from their institution into the market place.