TEDx at Medway campus

On Friday 13 March 2020, Kent’s Medway campus welcomed students and the public to a sold out TEDx event.

Organised by a newly founded TEDx Society on the Medway Campus, the event explored diverse topics relating to current society and presented opportunities for like-minded individuals to network.

There was an overarching event theme of ‘CTRL ALT DEL’, with the audience encouraged to reset their thinking to consider fresh perspectives of the world. Talks from guest speakers discussed hacking fears, the new era of data privacy, solving the increasing housing crisis and finding true purpose. There were also pre-recorded talks on the topics of mental health, the science behind procrastination and how individuals can focus their minds on things important to them.

Guest speakers included:

  • Sloan Sheridan-Williams, Celebrity Life Coach – ‘Fear Hacking’
  • Ali Reza Shahrestani, Chief Marketing Officer – ‘Do Advertisers Really Listen to Your Microphone?’
  • Anna Clare Harper, Property Investment Strategist – ‘Can Socially Responsible Investing Solve the UK Housing Crisis?’
  • Sadiq Hussain – Speaker and Podcast Host – ‘Consistently Taking Action to Find Your True Purpose’

President of the Kent TEDx Society and event organiser, Phoebe Thompson, said: ‘Curating the very first TEDx event at the Medway campus for the University of Kent has been an absolute pleasure, and we are so pleased with how successful the event was. The atmosphere around campus during the build up was really special as everyone was excited to have a globally respected brand present at our student union! I hope that other students follow in these footsteps and continue to curate TEDxUniversityofKentMedway events as it is such a rewarding and positive experience, both for the event organisers but also for the local student community who get to enjoy the event’.

TEDxUniversityOfKentMedway was organised with the full support and funding by the University of Kent and GK Unions. The TEDx event was also sponsored by The Deep End, Brave Little Tank, Student House Gillingham, Mimas Studio, University of Kent Student Success Grant and Student Project Grant.