Paris alumna sees her documentary receive BBC screening

A documentary about legendary 1960s literary character Jim Haynes by an alumna of the University’s Paris School of Arts and Culture has received a BBC screening.

The film entitled Meeting Jim by Turkish filmmaker Ece Ger, who graduated with an MA in Film in 2015, was shown on BBC Scotland on 17 August.

It recounts the story of the American Jim Haynes, 83, who set up Edinburgh’s Traverse Theatre and the first paperback bookshop in the city. Ece Ger met Haynes at one of his regular ‘open to all’ dinner parties in Paris, where he now lives.

The documentary is described as ‘taking you on a journey back to his (Haynes) lifetime, a man who grabbed with heart and soul the spirit of the 60s and continued to carry it throughout his life. This journey becomes also a physical one when he takes a train from the city of Paris, where he lives, to London and Edinburgh, the cities where he left his unique mark. A journey that will not only bring out his past and memories, but also his carefully preserved collection of human interconnections’.

Ece Ger presented a special screening of her film at the Paris School of Arts and Culture in March, in conjunction with her former tutor Dr Frances Guerin, of the University’s School of Arts, where she also studied. She had previously seen her film featured at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in June 2018.