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Postgraduate Administration Network

Chair: Suzie Morris (Graduate School Administration Manager)
Secretary: Ros Beeching (Graduate School Coordinator)

The Postgraduate Administration Network Group has been established by the Graduate School to provide administrators with responsibility for postgraduate matters with a cross-institutional forum. The Postgraduate Administration Network Group meets on a termly basis.

Dates of Meetings 2016-17


  • Thursday 27th October (10.00)Graduate School Training room, Cornwallis East (3rd Floor)

  • Thursday 23rd  February (10.00)Graduate School Training room, Cornwallis East (3rd Floor)

  • Thursday 4th May (10.00) Location TBC


Terms of Reference

  • To discuss and resolve issues arising in relation to postgraduate administration.
  • To share and disseminate good practice in postgraduate administration.
  • To review and develop guidance on procedures for postgraduate administrators.
  • To discuss developments nationally and internationally in relation to postgraduate education and consider how these might impact on postgraduate administration within the University.
  • To receive updates on cross-institutional developments and procedures related to postgraduate administration from the Graduate School and other central offices.


Chair: Suzie Morris (Graduate School Administration Manager)

Secretary: Ros Beeching (Graduate School Coordinator)


Faculty of Humanities

  • Denise Twomey (Head of Administration)

Centre for American Studies; Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies

  • Claire Taylor (Centre Administration Manager)

School of Architecture

  • Jeanne Straight (School Administration Manager)
  • Claire Perera (Postgraduate Administrator)

School of Arts

  • Jo Pennock (School Administration Manager)
  • Angela Whiffen (Postgraduate Administrator)

School of English

  • Helena Torres (School Administration Manager)
  • Megan Barrett (Administrative Assistant)
  • Corrine Smallman (Postgraduate Coordinator)


  • Kerry Barber (School Administration Manager)
  • Jacqui Martlew (Postgraduate Coordinator- Research)
  • Gemma Eves (Postgraduate and Study Abroad Coordinator)

School of History

  • Jackie Waller (School Administration Manager)
  • Faye Beesley (Postgraduate Administrator)

School of Music & Fine Art

  • Naomi Simcox (School Administration Manager)
  • Sian Anderson (Programme Coordinator - Fine Art)
  • Graham Lewis (Programme Coordiantor - Music)


Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Chris Barron (Faculty Administration Manager)

School of Anthropology and Conservation

  • Rachel MacPhee (School Administration Manager)
  • Nicola Kerry-Yoxhall (Postgraduate Support Officer)
  • Katie Watson (Postgraduate Recruitment and Events Co-ordinator)

Kent Business School

  • Paul Verrion (School Administration Manager)
  • Tamsin Harris (Programmes Manager)
  • Janine Anderson (Student Progress Officer)
  • Nancy Spyridakou (Postgraduate Assistant – Taught)
  • Micheal Reilly (Research Manager)
  • Claire Krafft (Research & PhD Coordinator)
  • Tracey Pemble (Research & PhD Coordinator)

School of Economics

  • Hilary Saunders (School Administration Manager)
  • Katy Wade (Postgraduate Coordinator)

Kent Law School

  • Dr Jill Holliday (School Administration Manager)
  • Lynn Risbridger (Postgraduate Officer)

School of Politics and International Relations

  • Diane Arthurs (School Adminstration Manager)
  • Nicola Huxtable (Postgraduate Coordinator - PGR)
  • Dora Perera (Postgraduate Coordinator - PGT)

School of Psychology

  • Lizanne Allcock (School Administration Manager)
  • Esme Rigden (Postgraduate Administrative Assistant)
  • Carly Turnham (Recruitment, Admissions & Marketing Officer)


  • James Redmond (School Administration Manager)
  • Kalli Glezakou (Postgraduate Programmes Manager)
  • Nicky Allen (Postgraduate Officer - Tizard)
  • Sarah Marsh (Postgraduate Support/Recruitment Officer)
  • Meher Basit (Postgraduate Officer)
  • Simon Weller (PG Clerical Assistant)

Centre for Journalism

  • Anastasia Bakowski (Centre for Journalism)

Centre for Professional Practice

  • Julie Goodall (Programme Coordinator – Medway)
  • Linda Le Grys (Programme Coordinator – Canterbury)

Faculty of Sciences

  • Linda Lough (Faculty Administration Manager)

School of Engineering and Digital Arts

  • Giles Polglase (School Administration Manager)
  • Relly Bowman (Academic Support Officer)


  • Frank Sowrey (School Administration Manager)
  • Claire Carter (Postgraduate and Research Support Officer)

School of Biosciences

  • Dr Laurienne Tibbles (School Administration Manager)
  • Lin Riches (PA to Head of School)
  • Kim Dawkins (Student Administration Officer)
  • Geraldine Travers (Postgraduate Admissions Administrator)

School of Computing

  • Angela Doe (School Administration Manager)
  • Sonnary Dearden (Examination & Research Administration Officer)
  • Sandra Shine (Postgraduate Administrator - PGR)

School of Physical Sciences

  • Clair Gould (School Administration Manager)
  • Kim Harty (Degree Programmes Manager)
  • Helen West (Clerical Assistant - PGR)

Medway School of Pharmacy

  • Ngozi Sagay (School Administration Manager)
  • Rebecca Brown (Postgraduate Research Administrator)

School of Sports and Exercise Sciences

  • Richard Millns (School Administration Manager)
  • Nicola Johnson (School Administrator)

Faculties Support Office

  • Andrew Macgregor (Faculties Support Officer)
  • Alison Webster (Administrator)
  • Daiva Nacyte (Administrative Co-ordinator)
  • Sarah Collins (Administrative Co-ordinator)

European Centres

  • Alastair Ross (Head of Administration)
  • Eileen Hartney (Academic Administrator, European Programmes)
  • Sarah Konaté (Student Records Administrator, Brussels)
  • Frank Mikus (Office Manager, Paris)


  • Kelly Porter (Office Supervisor - Medway Student Administration)

Graduate School

  • Suzie Morris (Graduate School Administration Manager)
  • Ros Beeching (Graduate School Coordinator)

Enrolment Management Services (EMS)

  • Mary Hughes (Director of Enrolment Management Services)
  • Steven Holdcroft (Head of Recruitment and Admissions Office)
  • Stephen McLaughlin (Postgraduate Funding Officer)


  • Suzie Westhead (Postgraduate Programme Administrator)

International Office

  • Sarah Harrison (International Administration Manager)


Agendars, Papers and Minutes

Agendas, papers and minutes are available to members of the Postgraduate Administration Network Group on the Graduate School area on Sharepoint.


Queries about the Postgraduate Administration Network Group should be directed to Ros Beeching (Graduate School Coordinator).


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