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Procurement exist to help the University achieve our objectives and deliver the best results for the best value expenditure. Our role is to assist our staff in dealings with suppliers and to work with them to help source the goods and services needed to do their work.

Procurement do not just provide value for money, but also ensure an operational fit between the needs of the University, our students and staff, and the solutions available from the market. 

In the current day and age, there is high scrutiny of expenditure and a need to reduce costs. Procurement therefore:

  1. Provide procurement services and advice for all spend
  2.  Work collaboratively to ensure we get best value for money
  3.  Analyse spend and risk
  4.  Select suppliers to reduce risk
  5.  Review pricing, costs, terms and conditions and performance
  6.  Work collaboratively to drive performance and value for money
  7.  Deliver operational support
  8. Review how the University works with our suppliers

Approximately £54m a year is spent with external suppliers and contractors. Procurement exist to ensure that that money is spent in a manner that is demonstrably best value in terms of performance, delivery of outcomes, reduced cost and customer satisfaction. 

This includes involvement at every step of a requirement, from the early stages where a need is identified, to the last day of a multi-year contract, and the subsequent arrangement of a new contract. Our intention is to deliver a co-ordinated, business wide approach that meets the aims of the corporate plan.

The Procurement team at the University use an online tender portal, to publish all our procurement opportunities over the value of £25,000. Suppliers should register their details at:

If you wish to become a supplier to us, please use the Contact tab and we will respond if there is a requirement we may wish to pursue.

Policies and Procedures

Procurement Activity at the University of Kent is defined by our internal policies and strategies, both business wide and specifically for Procurement Activity.

The University of Kent expects all its suppliers and staff to be aware of, and comply with all our internal policies about behaviours and activity. These policies can be found at:

Of particular note are the policies relating to Anti Bribery, Data, Whistle-Blowing, Alcohol, Drugs & Substances and Declaration of Interests. The University is also bound by external Legislation and Regulation linked to below.

Supplier Code of Conduct
The University has launched a Supplier Code of Conduct that outlines our expectations of supplier behaviour which can be found here

External regulation
It is also bound by other external regulations. These can all be found on here
Some documents are not published but kept under Procurement control as they are subject to change / updating at any time. These include, but are not limited to, evaluation documents, tender documents, financial reports, Suitability Questionnaires, Performance Bonds, parent company guarantees, and any and all other relevant documents, which:

  • May be updated and amended internally at any time by Procurement
  • May contain commercially / project sensitive information of a restricted nature
  • May be subject to Document Control and thus withdrawn or amended at any time

Please contact us for copies of these. 





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