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Procurement exist to help the University achieve our objectives and deliver the best results for the best value expenditure. Our role is to assist our staff in dealings with suppliers and to work with them to help source the goods and services needed to do their work.

Procurement do not just provide value for money, but also ensure an operational fit between the needs of the University, our students and staff, and the solutions available from the market. 

In the current day and age, there is high scrutiny of expenditure and a need to reduce costs. Procurement therefore:

  1. Provide procurement services and advice for all spend
  2.  Work collaboratively to ensure we get best value for money
  3.  Analyse spend and risk
  4.  Select suppliers to reduce risk
  5.  Review pricing, costs, terms and conditions and performance
  6.  Work collaboratively to drive performance and value for money
  7.  Deliver operational support
  8. Review how the University works with our suppliers

Approximately £54m a year is spent with external suppliers and contractors. Procurement exist to ensure that that money is spent in a manner that is demonstrably best value in terms of performance, delivery of outcomes, reduced cost and customer satisfaction. 

This includes involvement at every step of a requirement, from the early stages where a need is identified, to the last day of a multi-year contract, and the subsequent arrangement of a new contract. Our intention is to deliver a co-ordinated, business wide approach that meets the aims of the corporate plan.

The Procurement team at the University use an online tender portal, to publish all our procurement opportunities over the value of £25,000. Suppliers should register their details at:

If you wish to become a supplier to us, please use the Contact tab and we will respond if there is a requirement we may wish to pursue.


19th October 2022
Job Vacancy

Our team are recruiting for a role in Canterbury. If you are interested, please apply. If you are tempted and want a chat beforehand, please get in touch. The role closes 20th November 2022. No agencies at this stage, please.

29th September 2022
Procurement Strategy

The University of Kent Procurement Strategy 2022-26 has now been published. All commercially sensitive and staff information has been redacted.

17th May 2022
Procurement Pipeline

The Procurement Team have published a Procurement Pipeline which details likely Procurement Activity planned for the next 18-24 months. The list will be updated on a termly basis.

8th October 2021
Procurement Strategy

The University of Kent Procurement Strategy 2021-25 has now been published. All commercially sensitive and staff information has been redacted.

8th October 2021
Updated Terms and Conditions

The University of Kent Terms and Conditions have now been updated. These can be found under the Terms and Conditions tab.

4th June 2021
Recruitment Opportunity

The Procurement Team at Kent are recruiting for a 24 month Fixed Term Contract Senior Category Manager to join our team with the aim of delivering some set contracts and assisting our team with the current projects and workload.

The role is at:

The deadline for applications is currently 16th June 2021. Interviews are likely to take place towards the end of June.

If you are interested, and want to know more before applying, please contact us through the Contact tab and we'll get back to you promptly.

Please note: no agencies at this stage, direct applications only please. 

15th March 2021
Changes to off-payroll working rules (IR35) 6th April 2021

If you intend to engage as a contractor, consultant or specialist service provider with the University, then from 6th April 2021 the University will have extra responsibilities when deciding whether off-payroll working rules apply.

  • We will need to provide both the worker and the agency (where applicable) with a status determination statement, as well as the reasons behind this determination. This will be when or before the contract is entered into, or when the work starts if that is later
  • The worker and / or agency will be able to dispute the employment status determination. The University must consider the reasons given for the disagreement and respond within 45 days
  • After careful consideration, we will decide whether to maintain the determination if we feel it is correct, giving reasons why, or provide a new determination because we feel it was wrong
  • During this time the University must continue to apply the rules in line with the original determination

For more information please see the Off-Payroll working rules (IR35) tab.

4th January 2021
Amendment of Public Procurement Regulations

As the UK has left the EU and the transition period has now ended, alongside the ratification of the EU/UK Trade Deal (announced at ), the Procurement Regulations that define University Procurement has also changed.

The Regulations are published at: Public Procurement (Amendment etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020

Guidance will be provided shortly on the implications this has for how the University makes its Procurement decisions, and how the University will work with suppliers in future.

8th October 2020
Updated Terms and Conditions

The University has updated the Terms and Conditions for Goods and Services, and Consultancy Services. The new terms take effect immediately and include clarifications around Force Majeure clauses.

14th September 2020
Procurement Strategy

Please note the new Procurement Strategy for 2020-23 has been published and is available here. This is the external version that has some sensitive information redacted.

14th September 2020
No PO No Pay

Please note that from today, as announced in the news item on 12th August 2020, the University has implemented the "No PO, No Pay" initiative. Effective from today, any invoices submitted without quoting a Purchase Order may be rejected unpaid. You must ensure that you have a valid Purchase Order from the University before commencing work unless under very limited and exceptional circumstances. You can find additional information here:

12th August 2020
Announcement of No PO No Pay: 12 August 2020

If you are not a Supplier of goods or services to the University and are, for example a member of staff or a student, please ignore this email.

The University of Kent will launch a No PO No Pay policy with all suppliers and contractors providing goods, services and works from 14 September. From this date onwards all invoices received must quote a valid Purchase Order (PO) number and an approved Purchase Order must be on the University’s finance system.

Why we are doing this

As part of our wider work to improve our processes, moving to a No PO No Pay process will allow us to better manage what we spend and when, while also ensuring the University only pays for goods, services and works which have been properly ordered. This will also bring us in line with standard practice elsewhere, providing greater clarity on services and costs for both us and suppliers each time we work together.

What you need to do

From 14 September onwards, all invoices submitted for payment will need to include a valid PO number. This PO number will need to be received prior to the delivery of goods or services. Purchase Orders are generated by either the University’s finance system or other ordering systems, such as through the Library, Catering or Accommodation. Invoices received with a valid PO number will then be paid in line with agreed contract terms (usually 30 days from approval). Any invoices without an official order number will be returned to you, potentially delaying payment.

This is a significant change to how we do things and we appreciate it will take time in some areas to adapt to this new approach. However, once implemented, the move will make a real difference to our ability to manage payment processes more efficiently, and your support with this is greatly appreciated. The Procurement Team have published further information to help with this under the No PO No Pay FAQs tab located here. In the meantime, you can also contact them directly via the Contact page with any questions you have at this stage.

23rd January 2020
Brexit Update
As the Brexit bill appears to have been given Royal Assent, and the UK leaves the EU on 31st January 2020, please note that this legislation will now come into effect:

    "The Public Procurement (Amendment etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019

    These Regulations are made in exercise of the powers conferred by section 8(1) of the European Union (Withdrawl) Act 2018 (c.16) in order to address failures of retained EU law to operate effectively and other deficiencies (in particular under paragraphs (a), (b), (d), (e), (f) and (g) of section 8(2)) arising from the withdrawl of the UK from the European Union."

Effectively, the OJEU process may be replaced by a UK Notification Service, which has not yet been announced.

The Euro currency values have been retired with the value being pounds sterling only.

There are no other changes yet confirmed and there is currently no additional information on what a UK Notification Service may be.

22nd November 2019
Updated Terms and Conditions
The University has updated and changed its terms & conditions to reflect a new set of internal Procurement regulations and best practice guidance. These are in effect immediately for all orders placed from the date of publication forward unless updated or replaced.

Terms & Conditions for Goods & Services (November 2019)
Terms & Conditions for Consultancy Services (November 2019)
Terms & Conditions for Consultancy Services (Academic Services) (November 2019)

If you have any queries please contact the team.

22nd November 2019
Updated OJEU Thresholds
The new OJEU Thresholds that apply from 1st January 2020 have been published and are available at:

The new OJEU Thresholds are:

Supply, Services & Design Contracts Works Contracts Light Touch Regime Services
Value: £189,330 £4,733,252 £663,540
Value: €214,000 €5,350,000 €750,000

18th October 2019
Procurement Strategy 2019-22
The Procurement team has updated and refreshed the Procurement strategy for 2019-22 which has been published under the Strategy tab. Please note some sensitive commercial information has been redacted.

25th September 2019
Supplier Code of Conduct
An updated version of the University of Kent Supplier Code of Conduct has been produced. This outlines our expectations of supplier behaviours. Suppliers will be expected to follow the guidelines of the attached document which details both the legal obligations of suppliers and the best practice expectations of behavioural standards. If you have any queries about this please email

8th July 2019
Prospective Suppliers
There is now a new tab on our website with information for companies wishing to become suppliers to the University. This can be found here

8th March 2019
Responsible Procurement
The Procurement Team has updated the website with information regarding our Responsible Procurement activity. This can be found under the Responsible Procurement tab.

7th February 2019
Publication of Annual Payment Performance Data Following Procurement Policy Note (PPN) 03/16
For the financial year 2017-18 the University

  • paid 95.48% of undisputed invoices within 30 days of submission
  • paid £1,200 in interest as a result of undisputed invoices paid more than 30 days from submission
  • the total amount of interest that could have been charged to the University for late payment was £1,966

14th December 2018
Procurement Strategy 2018-21
The University of Kent Procurement Strategy has been refreshed and updated. Please note that sensitive and commercial information has been redacted for the external publication.

24th August 2018
VFM Analyst Post
We're looking for a Procurement Analyst in Canterbury. We're hoping for someone who is interested in Procurement, Data, "joining the dots", number crunching, and generating efficiencies so we can be as good as possible. If you are unsure and want a chat beforehand, get in touch! This is your chance to work for a forward thinking team in a leading institution and we're quite nice people to work with as well. (12 month FTC with possible extension). No agencies please. Details here:

8th August 2018
New University Terms & Conditions
The University has prepared new Terms & Conditions for Contract, Purchase Orders, and Consultancy, that provide clarity on international trade, exchange rates and currency transactions, fraud, delivery locations, and methods of serving notice when applicable.  The Terms And Conditions that apply for orders with immediate effect are as follows:

University of Kent PO Terms And Conditions
University of Kent Consultancy Terms Conditions

29th June 2018
Fraudulent Emails & Purchase Orders
The team has prepared and published a fraud update and information around a common scam that is targeted at suppliers of many universities currently. Please read our guidance here

5th June 2018
Procurement have prepared a new set of Terms & Conditions that take into account the GDPR regulations that came into effect last week and these are now available for use:

1. Goods and Services available (here)
2. Consultancy Services available (here)

Any queries please contact the Procurement Team.

23rd May 2018
Recruitment Opportunity
The Team are recruiting for a Procurement Analyst, based in Canterbury.  We are looking for someone like you who will be able to help us control, master, and organise our data, provide a single overview of our commercial position, and assist the University in delivering best value for money. The role will initially be a Fixed Term Contract for 12 months, and the successful applicant will have the opportunity to help a forward thinking department become an example of best practice in the sector.

Applications are welcomed internally and externally. Full details of the role are located here.

Alternately click here and search for role REG1262 or by the keywords "Procurement Analyst".

If you are thinking of applying and would like a confidential discussion with the Head of Procurement around the role, and if it may be suitable for you, you can contact us using the Contact form.

Please download the attachments and learn more about this exciting opportunity to join us. We’d love to hear from you.

(No agencies please)

1st March 2018
Supplier Code of Conduct
The University has launched a Supplier Code of Conduct that outlines our expectations of supplier behaviours. As a supplier to the University you are expected to follow the guidelines of the attached document which details both the legal obligations of suppliers and the best practice expectations of behavioural standards. If you have any queries about this please contact the University Procurement Team using the Contact Us form . 

1st February 2018
Change to Procurement Thresholds
The University’s current Purchasing Regulations contain financial thresholds that determine the approach that should be taken when purchasing goods and services.
Following the amendment of the published OJEU Thresholds on 31 December 2017, the University is proposing to update its Procurement Thresholds as incorporated within the Procurement Regulations. 

The only changes to the current approved thresholds are as follows:

  • The Goods and Services OJEU limit will increase from £150k to £175k. This is in line with the published OJEU value which has increased to £181k.
  • The Works OJEU limit will move upwards by £500k from £4m to £4.5m. This is in line with the published OJEU value which has moved from £4.1m to £4.551m.

Our internal limits remain below the OJEU limits to allow some tolerances.

Please note that all the financial values and thresholds, including the OJEU Legislation, are net of VAT and VAT does not apply in calculating these figures.

12th January 2018
Sundry Suppliers Limit Increased
After a review of the University's Sundry Supplier spend, associated process, and financial controls, the rules and limits for Sundry Supplier payments have been updated as follows:

  1. The use of Sundry Suppliers is to be limited to transactions with a maximum value of £1,500 (including VAT) and should only be used for one-off purchases with a single supplier. If the supplier is likely to be used again, the use of Sundry Suppliers is NOT appropriate and the supplier should be added to Agresso using the New Supplier Form.
  2. Wherever possible, Sundry Suppliers should only be used where the supplier cannot accept card payment.  Payment should be made by Purchasing Card if the supplier accepts them.

If you have any queries please contact Mark Reed, Head of Procurement.

8th January 2018
2017 in Review
2017 was a busy year for the team, and we achieved a lot in the year. (Internally we will prepare a report on the termly performance in the coming weeks that will be distributed).

In a nutshell, this was 2017 for the team:

20th December 2017
New OJEU Limits & Procurement Thresholds
As part of the EU's standard, bi-annual review of the OJEU Thresholds and limits, the OJEU Legislation values have changed.
These become effective from January 2018 to December 2019.

The new OJEU Limits are as follows:

Supply, Services & Design Contracts 1 Works Contracts 2 Light Touch Regime Services 3
Value: £181,302 £4,551,413 £615,278
Value: €221,000 €5,548,000 €750,000

1. With the exception of the Light Touch Regime, which covers :
   – Health, social, educational, hotels, restaurants, postal, legal, healthcare and culture services.
   – Subsidised services contracts.
   – Research and development services.
2. With the exception of subsidised works contracts specified in 1.
3. As the Light Touch Regime detailed in 1

11th August 2017

From 11th September 2017 The University of Kent will be using the new Delta E-sourcing Portal to publish all our procurement opportunities over the value of £25k.

As we will no longer be using our current tendering portal for new opportunities published after 11th September 2017 we are inviting you to register on our new portal now.

As with the current portal, this portal is free for potential suppliers to register and use and provides a secure, efficient, transparent method of conducting compliant tendering exercises. Suppliers are able to register on the portal and receive alerts when opportunities arise.

Registration is quick and easy and we would ask that you do this as soon as possible to ensure you have access to any opportunities that become available.

If you need any technical assistance with the portal, please contact the helpdesk via Email: or by calling 0845 270 7050

Once you have completed your registration, please keep your supplier profile up to date. This will help to make your company more visible to us when seeking new goods, works or services.





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