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Walking the Labyrinth

Walking the Labyrinth

Labyrinths have existed for thousands of years; they appear in many faith and cultural traditions and in many parts of the world, from Ecuador to Iceland, from Arizona to Turkey. They appear in many forms: rock carvings, pottery designs, ancient coins, tiles and earthworks (cut into the ground, or with lines of stone). Britain has eight of Europe's ancient turf labyrinths. A labyrinth is not a maze; mazes have many paths (multi-cursal) and dead ends, designed to confuse. Labyrinths have a single, convoluted path to the centre and back again; if you are walking a labyrinth, you can usually see the whole design, though concentration is needed to follow the path.

Walking a labyrinth is a peaceful experience. We don't know how labyrinths were used in ancient times, but there has been a modern resurgence of interest. People walk labyrinths for many reasons; for relaxation, stress and anger management, for a quiet meditative break in the middle of a busy day, for spiritual development, or simply to relax and enjoy the walk with time for oneself. At the University of Kent, we have introduced the labyrinth as an opportunity for quiet, reflective time and space; as a work of art; and as a creative resource for teaching (enquiries very welcome).

The labyrinth is available to everyone and we hope you will enjoy the experience. The Labyrinth Project is part of the University of Kent's Creative Campus Initiative.

There are at least three labyrinths at the University of Kent: sometimes four, if temporary installations are included.

  • The Canterbury Labyrinth is a permanent labyrinth of grass and stone: a new teaching and learning space, a work of art and a performance space. It is is open for everyone to walk, and can also be booked for specific events including teaching and learning initiatives.
  • For more information please follow the link to the Canterbury Labyrinth
  • We can also offer events for departments and other teams (subject to staff availability).
  • Enquiries are very welcome.

Portable labyrinths

We have two portable labyrinths for indoor use: these are beautiful canvas handpainted labyrinths, available during term-time on a regular basis.

  • Canterbury: a 36 ft. (11 metre ) mediaeval Chartres Labyrinth created by Labyrinth Enterprises.
  • Medway: a 25 ft (7.5 metre) mediaeval Labyrinth, modelled on the outdoor Canterbury Labyrinth, and for use on the Medway campus and at off-site events. Made for us by Paths of Peace.

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