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Creative Campus has acted as a catalyst for new creative projects on campus that support learning and teaching, the Arts, and the development of the campus environment. Since it was launched in 2008, over 70 projects have been delivered that have engaged over 1500 staff, students and members of the local community. ‘As a campus-wide creativity initiative guided by a multi-disciplinary team, the Creative Campus project has been a force for positive cultural and social change by improving learning and social spaces, promoting wellbeing, as well as showcasing creative talent’ commented Dr Louise Naylor, UELT.

A to Z of projects


Art Exhibition - Studio 3

Each year for the past 3 years, Creative Campus has sponsored the printing of catalogues for the Studio 3 Gallery exhibition run as part of the curating modules for undergraduates and postgraduates studying the History and Philosophy of Art. Last year’s exhibition entitled ‘Underexposed’ celebrated female artists and the medium of print.

Art Exhibition - LGBT Arts Trail

As part of the LBGT history month (February 2015), Creative Campus sponsored the production of the Arts Trail brochures.


The Boat project

Kent has participated in events to support the Cultural Olympiad 2012 in collaboration with 13 Universities in the SE , taking part in the ‘100M’ touring exhibition of creative projects as well as hosting a wood donation day for The Boat Project.

Bench making

KE062, a Kent Extra course all about ‘Bench Making and Carving’ was held in two lots of six hour sessions during the 19th and 20th of May 2015 by Dr. Ian Bride. In small groups, students worked together to construct and decorate benches, whilst being instructed about the safe and proper ways to use woodworking tools.

Basket making

KE061, a Kent Extra course all about weaving your own basket out of wood was held in three lots of three hour sessions during May and June 2015 by Dr. Ian Bride. Students worked together to make a simple basket whilst understanding the materials.

Billhook Nook Theatre

Just behind the business school, in the forest newly named 'Billhook Nook', some architecture students have built a beautiful outdoor theatre. Having cut slices of wood to be used as seats, these slices surround a stage, which is just below a canopy of intertwined wood.

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Conservation & the great outdoors

Staff and student volunteers work with University Sustainability Staff to support the development of the campus kitchen garden and University nature trail.

Clocktower Cafe

Bridge Wardens’ College, Medway is now home to the stunning new Clocktower café which provides a comfortable, relaxed venue for grabbing a drink or something light to eat at the Dockyard.

Croquet lawn and terrace

For consideration: a new outdoor social space at the Dockyard providing an all-weather terrace, sheltered seating and an informal croquet court to Bridge Wardens’ College lawn.

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Darwin Garden

Tom Currie (Kent Union’s Enviromental Officer, 2013-14) built garden furniture from recycled material for the Darwin Garden project as part of Green Academy project. Using plant boxes constructed from wooden palettes, he turned concrete walkways into colourful and fragrant paths with the support of Kent Hospitality.



Embark on a journey of discovery across the Canterbury campus to discover the University's sustainability secrets


EDA Sculpture

Have you ever noticed the sculpture outside the Jennison building? Well, we jointly funded it! Designed by Michael Green and Sam Frewer, and constructed by Michael Hart, the ‘Synapse-Soleil’ sculpture is a result of a competition held back in 2012.


The CrossOver Gallery, Canterbury and Bridge Wardens’ College, Medway host an exciting and diverse range of exhibitions drawn from entries to Creative Campus competitions.

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Green Academy

Green Academy

Embedding sustainable development in the overall student experience.



News & Updates

Garden Gym

For consideration: a dynamic new social space near the Sports Centre incorporating a range of open air gym equipment.


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Learning & Teaching

The Canterbury Labyrinth is located on the lower slopes below Eliot College provides an outdoor space for quiet contemplation and meditative walks – a great place to admire the view. Open to ALL the space is bookable for activities

Love your campus

Work with the Green Impact teams and student societies to support sustainable living and studying on campus, including recycling, sustainable transport and Fairtrade foods. Promoting campus life through photographic competitions, exhibitions and poster campaigns.

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Marlowe foyer

An award winning project (RIBA – small budget, BIG IMPACT – 2011) in collaboration with the Kent School of Architecture and the Schools of Anthropology and Conservation creating a flexible learning and social space with a new campus café (CREATE), that is open to the wider university community

Medway Social Spaces Appraisal

A critical analysis of existing commercial & non-commercial social spaces on campus led to the creation of a new café, dedicated pc area & multipurpose outdoor terrace at Medway.

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On the buses

A series of bus posters that showcase the work of staff and students on board Unibuses travelling to and from the University.

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Petanque Court and Seating

Following the construction of a petanque court near the Gulbenkian café, the surrounding area has been landscaped to create a new outdoor social space with improved seating and some giant sculptural petanque balls!

Photo competitions - love your campus(es)

An annual competition which invites student and staff to capture an image which reveals the hidden beauty of the campus or that captures a transient moment which has a particular resonance.

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Quercus genius

Members of the University Conservation Society and a local wood sculptor (Peter Leadbeater) created a new outdoor seating area/ learning space (Quercus genius) from a fallen oak tree. Located behind Becket Court, this highly innovative space is bookable

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Rochester terrace and grasslands

The Rochester Building, Medway is home to a dynamic new terrace opening out from No1 café. The multipurpose outdoor venue offers sheltered seating with long views across the grasslands.

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The Slipstream exhibit

An exhibition of visual and performed artworks in Medway and Canterbury, as part of the Creative Campus Initiative and Cultural Olympiad.

Soundtrack to your life

A competition to nominate a song that has inspired you, or that represents an important moment in your life. Winning entries were exhibited in the Crossover Gallery in the Gulbenkian

View this exhibition online at Flickr

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Creative Campus sponsored the production of a Meditation Mix CD to support individual and group mediation. A collaborative effort by students in the School of Music and Fine and staff in Student Services at Medway to promote wellbeing and calm , the tracks are available to download here:

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