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Love/hate consultations

Consultations were held at both Medway and Canterbury to find out what students and staff thought about their campuses. Hundreds of sticky notes told us what you really felt (!) with plenty of ideas about what would make life on campus more enjoyable. These comments have been the basis for further Creative Campus activities.

These are the results of what you thought about your campus:

You loved...

Most popular:
All the trees
Beautiful, green and panoramic views

I love the people around here
Love the warm welcome and help for new students
Music, dancing and animation on campus
Outside views to the cathedral
That it’s spaced out and plenty of greenery
So greeny, I love it
Love outdoor spaces but need more activity areas
That the library is the central feature of campus
Library café and outside seats
The Gulbenkian
The bars are student friendly
Friendly staff
Low prices

You hated...

Most popular:
Nowhere to just go during an hour gap between lectures
Café prices really expensive
Prices in Essentials

Hate queuing for food in Essentials
Fencing off path outside Marlowe/Grimmond
Over zealous fire alarms
People chatting in silent study areas in the Library

Buses don’t run very late
No food places open late
Shop prices high compared to Tesco & ASDA
Essentials is far too small
It’s windy
Ill equipped for snow and crazy stormy weather
Haphazard planting in 'arboretum' - needs structured plan
Chewing gum on the ground
Litter on campus, esp. bottles/cans/cigarette butts
Harsh unfriendly electronic noises that accompany opening of doors (nice noises please)
Library opening hours
Listening to other peoples music from their headphones in the Library
Lack of consultation with building users about new building projects e.g. Cafe in foyer of Marlowe building went ahead without any consultation with staff
Not enough students housing

You suggested...

Most popular:
More credit for extra-curricular student activities
More places to buy food
Cut prices of merchandise in shops on campus
Healthier food on campus
Covered seating outside!!!
Public Art spaces
More environmental measures
Renewable Energy Technologies please
Free Unibus like in other universities
More parking around campus (not all in the same place)
More on-campus accomodation

More opportunity to do volunteering & work placements
Rabbit Pie on the menu along with veg from the Campus Garden
More vegetables and fruit at breakfast
More water fountains
I wish there was a central canteen or restaurant
Coffee Nations should be in all colleges and Library
More seating outside lecture theatres
Chatting seats across campus for small groups
More tables outside (with shelter in case it rains)
More shelter outside shops/venue
Bright canopies/sail style – so we can sit outside in bad weather
More things to do in Jarman Plaza as it is too big and empty
More events like Artsfest throughout the year
A swimming pool
What about a green energy plan? Site is ideal for wind turbines/PV panels
Run a charity shop on campus - fundraising & recycling - everybody wins
No cars, just cycles
Bicycles to rent
Shower and changing facilities for cyclists needed to encourage people out of cars
Masterplan needed – by respected and notable architect & landscape architect
Renew Keynes
Create a prayer place/room for Muslims please
Left handed writing boards in lecture rooms
Need more signage
Free cash machines in Parkwood

Your comments, and the basis for upcoming changes around the university.

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