Isobel Holden

Social Policy BA

The social life at Kent is amazing! There are sports, fitness, academic and other societies.

What attracted you to studying at Kent?

I knew Kent had an amazing level of teaching; my mum was a student here and I knew how well it had treated her and how much she enjoyed being here. I also loved the campus from the start – it is so pretty and close to the city, I just felt at home.

Was it easy to settle in?

I felt very nervous when I first arrived, but also excited. My housemates and I were in Park Wood. We all became friends instantly and lived together again in my second year. I felt like part of a community in Park Wood.

How is your course going?

I'm really enjoying it. I like how open to debate everyone is – it makes seminars fun and interesting, so you look forward to going to them. The course develops everyone’s opinions in an encouraging environment.

How would you describe your lecturers?

I really like all my lecturers and you can tell that they really enjoy what they do, which helps me to be enthusiastic too. They are all very helpful and encourage students to develop their own beliefs and academic skills. I found my academic adviser helpful as well and she is always there if I need advice and guidance.

Which modules have you enjoyed most, and why?

I’m very interested in mental health services and the Mental Health module not only taught me about their role in the current health system, but also how services could be developed and improved. For Sociology of Religion, I enjoyed learning about how society is so shaped by religious processes. The module on poverty and inequality taught me about problems in society, the policies that are supposed to rectify them and how different policies are better. It made me more aware of the world I live in. My dissertation is going to be on whether the implementation of more mental health support into the education system would be beneficial for students. I chose this because the two topics of education and mental health are what I’m passionate about.

What are the facilities like on campus?

Great! I appreciated the study hubs in my first year and that every building has a vending machine! The library is also really good because of the café and the fact that it has social, quiet and silent sections, so you’re not stuck working in silence if you don’t want to be. My friends and I like the group rooms that we can book out when we have to work on a group project. Everything is modern and it’s good that there are accessible rooms so that everyone can come to uni and get involved.

What about the social life?

The social life at Kent is amazing! There are sports, fitness, academic and other societies. I’m a member and volunteer teacher at the Pole Fitness society and have made some of my best friends there.

What are your plans for the future?

I plan on doing a PhD and becoming an academic. I want to lecture in social policy and carry out my own research in education and mental health. My ambition is to be giving advice to charities, policy units and governments. I only decided on this when I came to Kent and it was the result of loving my degree so much! It has really made me want to make a difference and helped me to feel at home in academia and research.

Any advice for somebody thinking of coming to Kent?

Throw yourself completely into university life, join societies, ask people for help and keep up with your work. You need to find a balance between academia and fun in order to be happy and do well. When you look at universities, make sure you aren’t just looking at league tables, but also at whether you will feel at home and enjoy your course.