Jacquelynn Coughlin

Marketing with a Year in Industry BSc

I hadn’t imagined there’d be so many lectures and I would enjoy working in smaller groups, where you get more back and forth with questions and ideas. 

Why did you choose Kent?

At the time I was making my decision it was in the top 20 of UK universities and, I think, in the top 12 for business and I really wanted to go to the best place I could find. Then when I visited I thought the campus was really nice. It was like countryside and it had an honest feel to it – it was a good university and proud of its status.

How is your course going?

So far, really well – I got the highest mark in the first year! We covered general subjects in that year, basic business skills, administration and so on, but this year is quite different and we’re doing far more directly involved with marketing, which I’m really enjoying. Favourite modules so far are creativity and innovation – the kind of skills you need to employ in problem-solving – and marketing strategy, when you’re working on long-term objectives. The process of leading employees – or managers – and helping them and yourself to be creative is very interesting.

What’s the teaching like?

It hasn’t been what I expected – I hadn’t imagined there’d be so many lectures and I would enjoy working in smaller groups, like in seminars, where you get more back and forth with questions and ideas. But the lectures are teaching me to be a good listener and be efficient at taking notes, so I’m learning extra skills.

What’s the level of support like in your studies?

The lecturers are very easy to approach. You can always go up to them after a lecture and ask for clarification of something you didn’t understand properly, or get direction on points you need to follow up. I’ve applied to several organisations for my placement and I had an academic advisor to assist with that, although I also went to workshops and really got all the help I needed there.

What kind of career do you hope for when you graduate, and why?

I’m not sure yet, as I don’t know what aspects of business I’d enjoy the most, although I like the idea of leadership and motivating people. I work part-time at the Odeon in Canterbury at the moment, and have worked for HMV, so I think it would be great to do something involved with entertainment or film, but I expect to have a stronger idea of what to go for after my placement.

What are the facilities like on campus?

They’re very nice. It’s good that we have the choice of so many places to go to on campus, but then Canterbury itself is so close as well that you can always go to town too.

What’s the accommodation like?

I shared a house in Park Wood in my first year and it was good – particularly as it was right next to a bus stop! But I think it’s better to be in a flat or rooms because that makes it easier to meet people other than your housemates. But we all got on well and went out together a lot.

What do you do in your spare time?

I do kick-boxing. I’m president of the University’s Kickboxing Society this year, so as well as the sport itself there are lots of committee meetings, competitions and regular social events to organise.

Any advice for student coming to Kent?

Try to get accommodation in Darwin or Eliot, as I think it gives you more of a student experience, rather than living in a house. Join clubs and societies as that makes it easy to meet people. And do your work as it comes ­– don’t leave things until the last minute – because then your work will be better, and you’ll be able to accept last-minute invitations to go out!