Martina Saiu

Martina Saiu

International Business with a Year Abroad

You get to meet people really from all over the world, and we all feel like we are on the same level.

Why did you choose Kent?

Kent was my first choice. I saw that it had a big campus and I like that it is, as it says, a European university – I’m from Italy and wanted to get an international angle on business studies. Also Canterbury is a city of great history so I was curious to see it for myself. I didn’t come to an Open Day but I took a virtual tour of the campus, read blogs about the University, and I also had a friend here. Then when I contacted the University everyone was really helpful with my application.

How is your course going?

I like it. This year the subjects are really interesting and engaging. It’s challenging too, as we get into the specifics of business theories, strategies and analysis. All these subjects come with their own vocabularies that can take a while to learn. The lecturers are really good – they’re engaging about their subject and are all involved in research as well. We also have lectures from experts involved in international business themselves, and all this gives us a great perspective on many different topics.

What is the level of support like in your studies?

I really like that the lecturers are so approachable. If ever you ask for help they are very willing to talk to you, and sometimes I might email them as well.

What kind of career do you hope to follow when you graduate, and why?

I’m not really sure yet what I’ll do in the future, but I think my year abroad will help me decide. I’m studying German and would like to go there. I’m interested in applied management and human resources, so perhaps something in one of those areas.

What is the accommodation on campus like?

It’s very good. I lived in a house in Park Wood for my first year, which was a great way of meeting other students. I became very good friends with the other people in my house, and am now living with two of them.

And what about the campus facilities?

The Kent Business School has everything you need, but I’m also looking forward to the opening of the new building. It will have so many different lecture theatres and seminar rooms – it will be wonderful. In your spare time, there are so many societies and sports clubs here, as well as the bars and cafés, so there’s always somewhere to go. Then, of course, you can also go into Canterbury, where there are so many possibilities. Particularly, there’s the cathedral and museums, and you can also get a bus into the countryside, which is lovely in the spring and summer.

How would you describe your fellow students?

I think my favourite part of studying here is that you get to meet people really from all over the world, and we all feel like we are on the same level. Then by having all these nationalities working together, we bring so many different perspectives to the subject.

What do you do in your spare time?

As well as just going out, I play tennis – I’ve joined the tennis club – and there’s also the Kent Business Society which holds many events and gives the opportunity to network.

Any advice for students coming to Kent?

Get involved as soon as you can as there are so many activities here and doing something makes you feel part of a group. Particularly if you’re an international student, it makes you feel like you belong.