Jasmine Shell

International Business BSc

My degree has given me the confidence to work in an international company.

Why did you choose Kent?

Kent was one of the few universities that allowed me to study Italian as part of a business degree and when I read about the International Business programme, I really liked the sound of it. I also wanted to go to a campus university, so came to an Open Day and immediately knew Kent was the university for me.

Did you settle in to your studies straightaway?

Kent Business School held an introductory day, where all business students spent the day together. We did a lot of group work, which was a great way of getting to know people. There were also some introductory talks where the lecturers explained what areas we would be covering; these sparked my interest and I got excited about what I would be learning on the programme.

What has been your favourite part of the course?

I have really enjoyed my third year; I have had some excellent lecturers. I loved the European Business module. The lecturer, Steve Robinson, is the best teacher I have ever had; I studied European business at school and hated it but here it is not a chore to do the work; it has been fantastic. The module runs over two terms and in the first, you focus on the laws and regulations of the European Union and how they affect business. In the second term, you look at the impact of different cultures on all aspects of business. The module was very up to date and we had lots of debates about the current events in Europe and were encouraged to keep up with the news. That is one of the things I like about this degree; we are not just studying what happened in the past, we are looking at what is happening now and how it will impact on the future.

What do you think of your lecturers?

In general, all the lecturers are very helpful. At the start of the year, they tell you their office hours, they invite questions after lectures and seminars and are always happy to respond to emails. If you want to talk to them directly, they will make arrangements to do that.

What about the other students?

The students on the International Business degree are a diverse group from a wide range of countries, which is great because you learn first-hand how business works in other countries.

We do a lot of group work with at least one presentation in every module. In one of our compulsory modules, you join a group at the beginning of the year and you do a presentation every single week for the whole year. It is a good experience and mirrors working life; you have a deadline to meet every week so you have to get on with people. It was really intense but very valuable.

What about the social life on campus?

It’s pretty good; I lived in Park Wood on campus in my first year, which makes going out very easy! I joined the Latin and Ballroom Society and also did hip-hop. I enjoyed it and it was a good way to expand my social circle.

What are your future plans?

I want to go to Italy and work there for a year, partly to gain work experience but also because I want to perfect my Italian and I think the best way to do that is to live and work in Italy.

I think my degree has given me the confidence to work in an international company. I would love to travel as part of my job, ideally in a marketing role, where my knowledge of how cultural differences can impact on business will be a real advantage.

I understand that you can’t just come up with one business plan, implement it everywhere and expect to be successful.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of going to university?

I talked about Kent so much that my brother is here now! I would say though, choose carefully, take advice, but make sure the university you choose is the one you want to go to. And don’t think your first year isn’t important, it is! It’s the foundation you build on in your second and third years. University is fun but it is hard work as well.