Aleksandar Angelov

Drama and Theatre BA

It's great to create work with people from different places, or who have different views to yours.

Why did you choose to study this degree programme?

My passion for theatre was ignited during high school, when I started studying theatre and also doing it as an extracurricular activity. I liked it more and more. I really wanted to explore it more in-depth and enjoyed the theoretical part as well as the practical. 

Where did you go to school?

I was born in Bulgaria but then moved to Spain when I was 10 and studied at a bilingual school in Madrid. England is the third country I’ve lived in.

Why did you choose Kent?

The programme appealed to me because it had a good balance of theoretical and practical subjects. But it wasn’t just the programme, it was also the university and the environment.  

What do you particularly enjoy about your programme?

I like the support that I get from everyone, from the teachers and from the lecturers. I did a module called Behind the Performer last year and thought it was amazing, I learned so many things that I didn’t know before. Although I was originally looking for a balance between theoretical and practical, I’ve actually chosen more practical subjects. 

Tell us about a piece of work you’ve done that you enjoyed?

I really enjoy exploring the subject in depth in essays. One of my essays was about the theoretical manifesto. That was amazing, because I could express myself fully, with complete freedom. In the same module, we did a practical performance, which was a wedding. I wasn’t thinking about the fact I’d get marked for it, I was thinking about having fun and celebrating. 

What are the other students on your course like?

There’s quite a big mixture of cultures. It’s great to create work with people from different places, or who have different views to yours.

English isn’t your first language. How have you adapted to studying in English at university level?

English is my third language. It’s a bit hard, but it’s ok. When I arrived, I received some great support from the University’s Student Learning Advisory Service and I did all the workshops. So it’s a bit of a challenge and a matter of working your way through, but I ask my colleagues to check my work.

What do you think about the facilities for drama students?

We have two very good theatres, and they are very different. One has many seats and the other has none at all. The facilities in the School of Arts are amazing. Everything is new and it really supports our learning. 

What do you like about the Canterbury campus?

I like the fact that it’s very green. One of my best experiences was living in Park Wood when I was a first year. In the morning, I’d open my door and have my breakfast while watching the rabbits and squirrels play outside, it was so relaxing. I also play football and I think the sports facilities here are really good. 

What extra-curricular activities have you done?

I founded the Kent Bulgarian Society, as I was amazed that there wasn’t one, given the number of Bulgarian students here. I’ve worked really hard to create the community and share the Bulgarian culture with other people, and I’ve been re-elected as the president.

One of the things I did was to create an event for National Liberation Day on 3 March. More than 250 staff and students came and we gave them Bulgarian bracelets that we’d made ourselves for health and for luck.

I was also involved in KTV, the Kent Television Society. I did some presenting, and was involved with some films and news. That was something I really enjoyed because it was a new experience.

Also in my first year, when I had more time, I volunteered to help homeless people in Canterbury with the Homeless Outreach Society. I brought them food, a hot drink and spent some time chatting with them. I found that really rewarding.

What do you think about Canterbury and the surrounding area?

To me, Canterbury is a city with a perfect balance, and I might even live here after university. I can go clubbing, but I can also go exploring. There is a perfect, very beautiful cathedral that’ll be the setting for our graduation. The architecture is great and the city is very beautiful. France and London are close by. 

What will you do after you graduate?

I’m not completely certain, but I’m considering either doing a Master’s or going to a drama school. 

How have you changed since you arrived at Kent?

I’m more mature, definitely. That’s why I wanted to come to study in another country. I wanted to do it to figure out everything for myself – to cook for myself, take care of myself. I’m more responsible as a person. 

What advice would you give to a new student?

I would say make friends and enjoy every single minute that you have. Try to balance studying with going out and trying new things. It’s great to get involved and make the most out of the university experience.