Przemyslaw Wieckowski

Biomedical Science with a Year Abroad BSc (Hons)

It’s great to learn from active researchers and our teaching is often informed by their expertise.

What attracted you to studying at Kent?

Well, I’m from Medway and I went to a secondary school that is partnered with the University. I’ve been able to visit frequently for several years and I’ve always liked it. Kent has a nice aura.

How would you describe your lecturers and what do you think about the level of support in your studies?

They’re great. All my lecturers have a research background. In a lecture last week, our professor shared her recent research into protein transcription and translation. It’s great to learn from active researchers and our teaching is often informed by their expertise.

How would you describe your fellow students?

They’re all really helpful, especially during lab work. We’re all in it together and we don’t let one another struggle. We also have a WhatsApp group chat to talk about our work.

Have you been on a year abroad or a year in industry?

Not yet but I’m going to apply to study abroad next year. My top choices are the University of California and the University of Amsterdam.

Have you used the Careers and Employability Service at the University?

I have, they helped me to narrow down my career choices and guided me to where I can find more information. I also wanted some help getting work experience over the summer and they pointed me in the direction of a few websites that advertise jobs. The Employability Festival was a couple of weeks ago too and it opened my eyes to other career avenues. I found out that I could do a Law conversion course after my degree and train to be a patent attorney.

Are you part of any student societies?

Yes! I’m part of the K-Pop Dance Society, it’s so fun. We learn the dance routines which professionals perform at awards shows. It’s a great distraction when my studies are a bit stressful. I can spend an evening focusing on getting the moves down rather than thinking ‘how does this receptor work?’!

Favourite bars or restaurants on campus?

I really like K-Bar. I also went to Origins the other day for Karaoke night with FilSoc – the Filipino Society. They were singing native songs from their home country. I’m not part of their group but everyone was really welcoming.

Do you have a part-time job?

I found my part-time job through the Jobshop on campus. I work eight hours a week in the University library on the IT support desk. It’s easy to fit around my studies and they understand if we can’t make a shift because of course priorities. I also have a zero-hour contract at the Co-op on campus and I can pick up more shifts there if I want to as well.

Do you have any advice to somebody thinking about coming to Kent?

You don’t have to struggle on your own, there’s wellbeing support available. You just have to get in touch and someone will help you, they’re really friendly.

What are the top three places to visit in Canterbury?

Canoe Wild is a great day out. My friends and I hired some kayaks after we finished our exams last year and it was great fun. We went down the River Stour, which runs through Canterbury. The route finished at a pub too! For a night out, Tokyo Tea Rooms is good fun. 

Would you say that Canterbury is an affordable place to live?

Like any city, it depends where you shop. I like Aldi; it’s cheap and you have choice. In terms of accommodation, I’d say it was well priced and affordable for students.

Can you describe Kent in three words?

Peaceful, friendly and supportive.