Pranav Mehra

Kent gave me a great platform and many resources to make myself extremely employable and it can do the same for you.

Why was Kent a good choice for you?

At the time when I was going through clearing in 2011 as an international student naturally I couldn't physically view the University but the website was quite informative and I found a course similar to what I wanted to do. When I arrived I talked to the KBS students office and switched to the exact course I wanted and was happy. I wanted to do a placement year with a business degree and Kent was one of the fewer schools offering this course. I remember Kent was also ranked in the mid 20's so was still a fairly high ranking.

How did you feel at the time?

Going through clearing was and I'm sure still is very nerve racking, I feel I may have been quite lucky to get my spot on a business course. I was also lucky that my exam results came out first as I had done IB in high school so I could apply quickly. I don't remember exactly what the options were for clearing but I remember Kent definitely being my number one option and I was relieved when I got an email confirming my acceptance onto the course.

What advice would you give to someone going through Clearing?

Don't be demotivated and change the course you want to do, but if you can't find the exact course find something similar and read through the module details to see if the details of the course still are interesting to you. Of course make you sure you apply within a few days of getting your results for the best chance! Lastly, build your resume when you get to University, get involved in volunteering, sports, societies and part time work. Kent gave me a great platform and many resources to make myself extremely employable post graduation and it can do the same for you.

Tell us about your career since graduating from Kent.

I am currently a manager at Robert Walters (British recruitment firm) in Tokyo managing a team of 5. I started the job fresh out of my degree in late 2015 and thanks to a lot of hard work and great managers been able to reach a management role within 3.5 years.