Viththiya Nagendram

Viththiya Nagendram

Accounting and Finance BA

There’s great variety in the modules, and I think this must help give you a more open choice of careers. 

Why did you choose Kent?

It’s not far from London, where I live, so I can go home when I want to. It’s highly rated, too, and I liked the Business School – I came here for a talk about the course and the way it was run appealed to me. The campus has a nice feeling.

How is your course going?

I like it! I enjoy the problem-solving and the attention to detail. There’s great variety in the modules, and I think this must help give you a more open choice of careers. In the first year, I took an option in business law, which was very different and very interesting; I particularly enjoyed the case studies.

What kind of career do you hope to follow when you graduate, and why?

I’d like to work in finance. It’s lucky that most companies need an accountant, but I’m most interested in big businesses and banking. I’m hoping to do an internship; I’ve already had work experience in banks while doing my A levels. Then hopefully I can find a graduate role.

What’s the level of support like in your studies?

Everyone is very helpful. Lecturers are always available; you can email them any time, but sometimes they prefer to speak to you face to face so they can be sure they’ve properly explained things. During exams they run revision sessions too, which are most useful.

What are the facilities like on campus?

There’s a big library, and loads of study hubs all over the University with computers and desks as well as the Business School’s own areas; there’s masses of space to work and then if you need a break you’ll find social areas too.

What’s the accommodation on campus like?

I lived in Park Wood and it was brilliant. There are so many facilities on campus – all the bars and cafés so you can meet friends and go for something to eat, or go have a game of tennis – I was right next to the tennis courts. Then there’s the gym and the Let’s Play scheme where for £1 you can have a session trying so many different activities.

How would you describe your fellow students?

Friendly! I have made a lot of friends, and it’s easy to meet people on other courses when you join societies. 

Any advice for student coming to Kent?

Work hard from the start. Some people think the first year doesn’t count because the marks don’t go towards your final degree, but if you want a work placement, potential employers will be looking at your first year, even if you already have good A levels. Make notes in lectures – it will really help your revision; and make good use of seminars ­– that’s where you get to ask questions. And make sure you have a good balance between your social life and your work.