Nadia Simpson

Accounting and Finance with a Year in Industry BSc (Hons)

I’ve always wanted my own business and KBS has helped me in this journey.

What attracted you to your programme of study and why?

I studied Accounting at A level and I felt confident with it, so I wanted to get a deeper understanding about the world of accounting and finance. Accounting is a very useful skill, and in business it is a big plus if you know how to read your own financial statements and know how to account for the different parts of an organisation.

Why did you choose to study at Kent Business School?

I heard from a former Kent business student that the KBS team are very supportive, and I wanted to get a lot out of my time in university, so I felt that KBS was the right place for that. Also, KBS allows ‘selfie’ years, which was another reason why it was the right business school for me. I have always wanted to have my own business, and KBS (especially the ASPIRE team) have helped me in this journey.

Which modules have you enjoyed the most and why?

I have enjoyed all the financial accounting modules because I love working with numbers. The principles of finance module was another good one because it gave me a deeper understanding of the different financial instruments that are available to individuals and organisations that wish to diversify their portfolio of assets.

What are the facilities like at Kent Business School and on campus generally?

They are nice and accessible.

Tell us about your ‘selfie’ year.

I have been working on my natural beauty brand Nadia Esi while working as a finance intern at a strategic design firm in Central London. Nadia Esi currently provides all-natural handmade hair oils that are cruelty free and are for all hair types. I have spent a lot of time this ‘selfie’ year marketing my products at various event like the screening of Queen & Slim starring Daniel Kaluuya. Working for a design firm has also played a big part of my ‘selfie’ year, I’ve learnt how to make clear pitching decks that I use at speaking events, I’ve also been given lots of advice on packaging, my website and so much more.

How do you think your ‘selfie’ year will help your future career?

This year has taught me to be independent, outgoing and to take up opportunities that I would have probably said no to if I was working in a traditional placement. I feel like I am seeing this world from a different perspective, and I am learning all the skills that most businesses look for in their employees.

Have you used the University’s Careers and Employability Service?

Not yet, but I plan to in my final year.

What do you want to do after graduation?

I would like to find a job and work in the finance field but before I start working, I want to live in Ghana for a year or so. And of course, I will be running Nadia Esi while I do this. 

Any advice for somebody thinking of coming to Kent Business School?

I would say, look into each module that you are taking so that you know what you will be studying before you start it, this gives you some good background and then you will know what the year has in store for you. A final piece of advice would be to always ask questions, no question is a silly question. It sounds cliché, but it is the best way to learn and build relationships with your lecturers