Jacqui Elsden

Advanced and Specialist Healthcare (Applied Dental Professional Practice) - MSc

My classmates kept me on track and I really enjoyed their company.

What attracted you to the MSc programme?

Not only was the programme pathway related specifically to my profession, it was also offered on a part-time basis, enabling me to fit my studies around work commitments.

Did you feel well supported in your studies?

Yes, most definitely. My tutor was very approachable and supportive; the same can also be said for the external teachers. Nothing was too much trouble for the staff. In addition to the academic support I received, the administrative staff and other student support services, as the Student Leaning Advisory Service, were all helpful during my studies.

The sense of peer support at Kent was great. My classmates kept me on track and I really enjoyed their company.

How has the MSc benefited your professional working practice so far?

The course allowed me to become more confident in conducting myself among dental professionals in a way that respectfully challenges and addresses opinion and conflict with conviction. It was a great honour and privilege to be elected as President of British Association of Dental Nurses and I have been busy liaising with the Chair of the Advancing Dentistry Review together with meeting a number of colleagues representing their own dental professional associations, the dental press and the GDC.