Georgina Nimmo

Professional Practice MSc

The team were absolutely fantastic. They were so understanding.

What attracted you to studying this programme?

It was the opportunity to explore my industry from a different point of view, while obtaining a recognised qualification. I looked further into the course and saw how part-time study would fit in with my personal and professional commitments.

Did you feel well supported in your studies?

I absolutely did. The team were absolutely fantastic. They were so understanding when I had some set-backs in my personal life which interrupted my studies. I felt reassured that I could take an extension if I needed to. Sometimes I did need to - life doesn’t stop so that you can concentrate on meeting a deadline. The tutors, mentors and administration team all appreciate the challenges of working full time, studying part time, having family -commitments and running a household.

How do you think your studies have developed you in your working practice?

I believe the biggest change in my working practices is my ability to think critically. I am confident to challenge evidence as appropriate, drill down into what is important for a project and ensure that I have relevant data to support suggestions I put forward.

I used my Dissertation to research influencing factors on sickness absence within a particular employee band in the department. Research indicated that organisational factors (policies, procedures, support networks and working relationships) and personal factors (identity, personal resources and the ability to cope with job demands) influenced sickness absence. To address these findings I have designed and facilitated workshops aimed at fostering identity and strengthening relationships.