Dr Alfred Kolozsvari

Advanced and Specialist Healthcare (Applied Dental Professional Practice) - MSc

I felt very supported from the registration process to my graduation.

What attracted you to the MSc programme?

I was interested in getting a greater understanding of advances in dental clinical practice, especially the appropriate evaluation of the existing evidence. As the course was part-time, it allowed me to carry on with my clinical duties.

Did you feel well supported in your studies?

I felt very supported by the whole Centre for Professional Practice team from the registration process to my graduation. The teaching was excellent. The tutors had great educational and clinical skills. Those who taught the course had exceptional communication skills and individually supported us.

How has the MSc benefited your professional working practice so far?

The course has given me a different perspective regarding clinic-based practice and has helped me improve myself and the rest of my practice team. 

My dissertation dealt with the training needs of Foundation Dentists regarding the management of ADHD and Autism patients with dental problems. Once the gaps in training were identified, I came up with a training pack that could be used to train them and get them to understand the needs of such patients and how to help the patients feel more comfortable and relaxed while providing dental care.

The course has definitely helped me understand that I would like to be more involved in teaching and academia. I have become more involved in teaching for the Deanery.