Benjamin Machajdik

Political Strategy and Communication MA

Brussels’ vibrant atmosphere makes it the best place to study, network and develop your career.

Why did you choose BSIS?

I chose BSIS because of its interdisciplinary approach, academic excellence and the chance to study in the “capital of Europe” in English. What I liked most is that BSIS allows you to pursue various areas of specialisation, to pick from a broad range of elective courses and to grow both personally and academically. The different personal, academic and cultural backgrounds of the student body at BSIS create an enriching learning atmosphere.

What’s the best thing about studying in Brussels?

As the political centre of the EU, Brussels displays the diversity of Europe in one place. BSIS not only gives you the chance to work with professors and students from all over the globe, but it's also easy to get in touch with professionals from the European Commission, the European Parliament, NATO, OECD or various NGOs and corporations. In fact, Brussels’ vibrant atmosphere makes it the best place to study, network and develop your career.

Briefly describe your career journey since BSIS

After graduating from BSIS I joined the Austrian Ministry of Finance in the field of financial services. During the Austrian Council Presidency I was able to take part in council working parties and trialogue negotiations. I am still working at the Ministry of Finance as a Policy Advisor where my main responsibilities are to represent my country in the legislative process on a EU level and to prepare pieces of legislation on a national level in the field of banking law and capital market regulation. My studies at BSIS helped me to adapt quickly to a professional field in which I did not have any previous experience.

What advice would you give a current student/graduating student?

I would recommend all current students and graduates to enjoy your time at university and make the most of your student life. Your fellow students will be a great network and BSIS will prepare you well for jobs in EU affairs, law and various policy fields. If you wish, take advantage of the non-academic experiences Brussels has to offer like conferences, discussions, and visits to the EU and international institutions.