Isaac Oppong

Mathematics PhD

I think that the relationship between staff and students is good here.

What are you researching?

I am researching the positive part of the quantum enveloping algebra of type G2.

Why did you choose to study at Kent’s School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science?

I chose to study at Kent because the School has expertise in the area I am interested in, so I was able to find a supervisor here. I also received a scholarship from the University for my studies.

What do you like about the set up for research students in the School?

I think that the relationship between research students and staff is good here. I also like the supervision arrangements, the learning environment, the fact that there is an office for PhD students with computers, printers and other learning materials, and there’s a kitchen. As well as the School facilities, the University’s Templeman Library is excellent.

What are you particularly enjoying about your time here?

It's always exciting to have the opportunity to study outside your home country and I am enjoying the learning environment and the whole experience.

How have you found the supervision process?

It's been great; I’m very pleased so far.

How do you think postgraduate study differs from undergraduate study?

Postgraduate study is not limited to the lecture room and requires a lot of maturity and knowledge. It's also relatively flexible.

How do you think your studies at Kent will affect your employment prospects?

Having a postgraduate qualification further develops your skills and helps to set you apart in the job market. I am planning to work as a lecturer or as a post-doctoral researcher and I think my studies at Kent, particularly the research skills I am developing, will help me to achieve that goal.

Any advice for those thinking about taking a research degree at Kent?

Kent is one of the best places in the UK to study for a research degree. Its supportive environment helps to build confidence and the staff are respectful.