Richa Arora

Human Resource Management MSc

All the modules are extremely insightful and come together well to give an overall understanding of People Management practices in organisations today. 

What attracted you to the course?

The course structure and taught modules were exactly the ones I was looking for, with my prior working knowledge of HR and Recruitment & Selection.  I wanted to get to grips with technical terms to have a solid working knowledge of current trends in the field and the academic support to

Why did you choose to study at Kent?

My research on universities before I came to the UK, UKC’s & KBS’ reputation, and finally, Canterbury’s proximity to London as well as Europe!

What did you particularly enjoy about your studies/time here?

The campus - it is so peaceful and beautiful.  I love nature and whenever I was stressed, all I had to do was to step out for a walk and I would be fine. The friends I have made – from all around the world.  I learnt so much about different foods, beliefs, governments, culture, just by meeting and talking to my friends.  Plus, I love travelling!  I know I will be able to stay at any of my friends’ place in future. 

Which modules did you enjoy the most, and why?

All the modules are extremely insightful and come together well to give an overall understanding of People Management practices in organizations today.  HR Management in Context, Performance & Reward management and Employee resourcing were the more enjoyable modules for me, because they were more practical, and had the contemporary topical discussions in the seminars.

On the other hand, Employee relations and L&D are theory-driven subjects.  But this theory is very logical and enjoyable and forms the basis for those looking to specialize in these fields. 

What about the teaching?

Teaching is great, up-to-date and the faculty is empathetic and encourages us to partake in discussions.  No question is a bad question!  Seminars are very helpful because the concepts are cemented with the help of case studies and discussions every week for every module.  Queries regarding courseworks and exams are always welcomed and there is always support at the other side of the email. The study material and case studies are made available on Moodle well before the teaching and seminar sessions, making it easier to participate in discussions.

What was the level of support like at Kent for postgraduates?

PG students are given support for Continual Personal Development through access to societies, talks, and employability training. For those, interested in further studies, there is direction and support from the faculty.  Although the job search is your own, Careers & Employability services help support you in being the best you can.  KBS also features vacancies from time to time, which is open exclusively to the KBS students. 

What were the facilities like in your school and on campus generally?

Facilities are in the form of a supermarket (Essentials), bank branches (Natwest & Santander), pubs & restaurants (Mungo’s, Origins, K-Bar), student rooms, PG rooms, and Library.  The campus is a like a mini-civilization in itself!  However, if you want a break, the town is a just mile’s walk with excellent bus connections from campus (even during the night). If you want to check out the beach, buses to Whitstable, Margate, Folkestone, Dover accept Unirider bus pass (offered by university) and all under an hour away!

What does doing a further degree give you that a first degree doesn't?

While the first degree defines a concept, the further degree tells you it’s practical application.  It makes you more employable, because you understand that you can view a situation from a critical standpoint and that makes it easier to pre-empt the outcomes.  For example, if in your UG, you learnt about what Maslow’s theory of motivation, during your MSc, you will learn to apply it to real-life situations at workplace.  This gives you a broader perspective and thus improving the quality of your arguments.

What are your future plans/aspirations?

In 5 years’ time, I see myself working in a matrix organisation, heading their Learning and development / Employer branding.

Finally, what advice would you give to graduates thinking of coming to Kent to study at postgraduate level?

The support is ample, the campus is beautiful and the university gives you all the support to do well, not just at your studies, but the extra curriculum.  You must bring with you the motivation to seize the opportunities that come your way.  Read before the lectures, but don’t be a bookworm – be forthcoming and inquisitive, make friends (it’s a mini-world here) and a brilliant year will fly by!