Paolo Pellegrinelli

Finance (Finance and Management) MSc

The study facilities in the School are very good with lots of workspaces for students.

Why did you choose to study at Kent Business School?

One of the main reasons I chose to study my Master’s at Kent Business School (KBS) was because I had studied here as an undergraduate. The Finance Master’s looked interesting and as a former student I received a tuition fee discount, so those two things combined with the fact that I had friends studying here made Kent the obvious choice for me.

What attracted you to your programme of study and why?

I studied business and economics at undergraduate level, but I wanted to specialise in finance and business in my Master’s. The Finance and Management programme offered a wide range of modules and allowed me to choose the areas that I most enjoyed studying.

Was the School supportive?

I received all the support that I asked for; whenever I emailed a lecturer with questions or a request, they were always very quick and helpful with their responses.

How does a postgraduate degree differ from your previous studies?

In my undergraduate degree the classes were larger and the modules were not as specialised. The modules in my postgraduate programme have been more coursework focused which I prefer.

What areas of study have you most enjoyed and why?

I have enjoyed all my modules, but particularly liked studying areas such as corporate finance, organisational behaviour and HR management, as well as improving my knowledge of Excel through practical labs and workshops. The lecturers really made the work interesting with an emphasis on coursework and practical work and less focus on exams.

What are the facilities like in KBS and on campus generally?

The study facilities in the School are very good with lots of workspaces for students. I also studied in the library a lot where it was quiet and I could work productively.

Have you used any of the resources provided by the Graduate and Researcher College?

I am currently doing the Kent careers award. It has been very easy to complete online and offers helpful advice in areas such as CV reviews, practice interviews and psychometric tests. I am sure the skills I’m gaining will help me in the future.

What are you planning to do next?

I am going to apply to graduate jobs in the finance sector and hopefully find a role that I will enjoy.

How do you think your studies at Kent will affect your career prospects?

I hope my studies at Kent will improve my career prospects. I have gained many skills including problem solving, numeracy and excel expertise, which I believe will be very valuable for a career in the finance sector.

Any advice for those thinking about taking a postgraduate degree at Kent?

If you are unsure on what exact career you want (like me) then studying a postgraduate degree at KBS is a very good option. I was unsure about doing a Master’s but now I am very glad I did. I thoroughly enjoyed my studies and I am sure the effort will pay off. Also, the pandemic has made job opportunities difficult to find so now might be the best time to study.